PHD in Economics and Finance

Marli Fernandes
Marli Fernandes
PhD Student

Marli Fernandes is an applied microeconomist working in Political Economy. She is affiliated with the Economics for Policy Knowledge Center. Her research uses a variety of econometric designs and a wide range of data, from administrative data to survey data and big data. 

Job Market Paper: When Women Run Against Men: Evidence from Political Platforms

Research Areas: Applied microeconomics, political economy, public policy.

Supervisor: José Tavares (Nova SBE)

References: José Tavares (Nova SBE), Pedro Martins (Nova SBE), Pedro Vicente (Nova SBE).

2016 - Master in Economics - Nova SBE

2014 - Bachelor in Economics - Nova SBE

Political Economy, Economics of Migration, Public Policies

José Tavares (Ph.D.)