Social Equity Initiative

The Program

Social Leadership for Managers

It's our conviction that developing management skills within the social sector strongly contributes to its progress.

We believe that many private sector managers would like to contribute to this transformation with their skills. That's why the executive education program "Social Leadership for Managers." It was created for private sector professionals with extensive experience in management and leadership who want to start contributing to the social economy by taking on non-executive roles.

The training addresses topics such as the context and specificities of the social economy, governance models, business models, and fundraising. It also shares testimonies and cases of good practice. Thus, executives with solid management skills gain a specific knowledge base, which facilitates them to understand the context necessary to start their contribution.

After the training, participants will be challenged to participate in advisory councils of social organizations. 

To whom?

  • Executives with vast private sector experience
  • People who have, or have had, middle or top management roles
  • People whose social sector knowledge is still limited but are looking to expand it
  • People who have the ambition of supporting social organizations, potentially through non-executive roles

What to expect?

  • Get familiar with the social sector
  • Learn about the sector’s challenges and modus operandi
  • Understand the role of a non-executive board member
  • Develop a network of people with the same interests, which will support your involvement with the social sector

What's the impact?

Since 2020:

  • 135 participants
  • 76 counselors
  • 27 advisory boards initiated
  • 27 social organizations supported
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Please note that the program will be delivered in Portuguese.

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