Want to go abroad?

From Nova SBE to the World

Exchange options cover a wide range of destinations, from China and New Zealand to Peru and Russia.

Yearly, Nova SBE sends around 350 students to study abroad, in more than 150 Universities, in 50 different countries, with which our school has bilateral agreements.

You can obtain a scholarship to help you with the traveling costs, as well as the regular living costs. The availability of such financial assistance is limited.

Studying abroad can be a chance to:

  • Benefit from a different teaching approach and expertise
  • Explore a different cultural environment Learn a new language
  • Develop your personal network
  • Take the first step towards living and working abroad in the future


Further information is available on your Program’s Moodle Area.

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If there are any questions you have concerning Exchange Programs at Nova SBE, please contact our International Mobility Team:

Outgoing Bachelors' Students:
Inês Garcia Morais and Filipa Vieira

Outgoing Masters' Students
Inês Garcia Morais

Office Hours
Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 01:00 p.m.

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