Social Equity Initiative

Social Leapfrog Program

Jumping together for impact

The Social Leapfrog Program is a pioneer reflection and capacitation program for hybrid social organizations (organizations with a clear social mission that also generate their own revenues through the sale of products and services). The program aims to promote a space for reflection and knowledge transfer over the course of three years.

It counts on the support of Nova SBE's wider community (students, alumni, faculty, and partners). It includes a varied range of activities, such as the traditional educational format (master courses and executive education programs), mentoring and coaching programs, projects with students (master thesis, student clubs, and pro bono internships), workshops with faculty from the school, among others.

The program's ultimate goal is to make these organizations leapfrog in terms of impact (i.e., reach more beneficiaries or better the current ones) and financial sustainability (i.e., being more self-sustainable).

This program is part of the Social Equity Initiative and is organized by the Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center.

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