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For Nova SBE’s Master’s Programs check here all applications’ deadlines:



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All Master’s - except IMF, IMM, CEMS MIM, and Double Degrees



IMF, IMM, CEMS MIM and Double Degrees




The only program with a Spring Intake is the Master's in Management - candidates can apply for the Spring 2025 intake during the current application period. 


  • Only one application per intake is allowed.
  • Acceptance decisions will be released by email within a maximum of eight weeks, starting from the application's submission. If you applied for a workstream, you would receive an answer on the acceptance email.
  • For correct use of the application platform, during the application period, we recommend the use of the Google Chrome browser
  • If you plan to apply with an email ending with, we highly recommend that you apply with an alternative email
  • It is also recommended to read the online application instructions, available on the application form
  • Enrollment confirmation will be subject to the presentation of an official bachelor’s graduation certificate within the first month of classes

For more information and enquiries, contact the Admissions Team via or +351 213 801 699.

Click here to start your application.


GENERAL DOCUMENTS (for all Master’s):

  • Portrait/ID photo
  • Traced copy of the front and back of the identification document (ID, Citizen's Card, or Passport), with due consent of the holder, for data validation;
  • Curriculum Vitae (in English)
  • Academic grade transcript with full course list and grades (mandatory, in English)
  • Academic bachelor’s diploma (when available)*
  • One-page motivation letter (in English)
  • English certificate with a minimum level of B2 (mandatory for all non-native English speakers)
  • Any other documents in English that you think may enrich your application, such as a reference letter, language certificates** and/or GMAT/GRE
  • Application fee payment receipt (non-refundable fee of 51€ for all candidates)

* If the diploma is not in Portuguese/English, candidates should attach the diploma supplement or the official transcript of records in English with the entire academic background: degree, final GPA, and graduation date.

If the diploma/certificate does not have the above-mentioned elements, applicants must send either the Diploma Supplement or the Official Transcript of records in English OR the certified translation of the diploma/certificate.

All the language certificates/diplomas should state the level according to the CEFR. Nova SBE does not accept any basic or high school diplomas nor online language certificates other than Linguaskill and TOEFL iBT® Home Edition as proof of language proficiency. The Admissions Team recommends the upload of one of the following exams: Cambridge, TOEFL or IELTS.

The following candidates are excused to deliver an English certificate:

  • Those that have one of the following nationalities (should upload a nationality proof): Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Dominica, Grenada, Guyana, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States of America. Candidates who attended a Bachelor’s program entirely taught in English (should upload a proof issued by the home school)
  • If you have studied a Bachelor’s degree (taught in English) in one of these countries you will not usually have to present other evidence of English language ability
  • Nova SBE Bachelor’s students are excused to deliver an English certificate.


For International Master’s in Finance (IMF) and International Master’s in Management (IMM) candidates:

  • English certificate with a minimum level of C1** - mandatory;
  • Second language certificate with a minimum level of A1;
  • Motivation video (max. 5 minutes) answering the following two questions: 1) where do you see yourself professionally in 4 years (geography, industry, position) and 2) how will your academic and professional journey until now contribute to reaching this goal? (please provide examples of past experiences and learnings).

This video should feature the candidate on camera answering these topics. Any information provided over the time limit will not be considered.

To submit the video while guaranteeing your privacy you should upload it on  YouTube, under the option “unlisted video” in the visibility settings. The link should then be added to the application form.

For Master’s in Impact Entrepreneurship & Innovation candidates:

A video pitching “Why are you a social innovator?”

This Master’s offers the unique opportunity to develop a social venture throughout students’ time at Nova SBE. For this reason, it is ideal that candidates apply with a social problem and a potential solution in mind. However, if candidates do not have a specific idea, that should not prevent them from applying.

If candidates have a social problem they deeply care about, they might find the time during the Master’s to come up with a solution or simply understand it further.

It is very important for Nova SBE to understand who candidates are, what they care about and what potential solutions to social issues they have in mind.

What is this video about?

1. A pitch to present yourself, your personal and professional experiences (both successes and failures), and anything you find relevant for us to know. Remember, we can read your CV so tell us something that is not on it.

2. Brief explanation of the grand challenge / societal issue that you care about and wish to tackle.

3. Present your innovative solution to address that issue and which SDG(s), targets, and indicators the idea is contributing to if you have come that far in the development of the idea.

Even if you do not have a specific idea or project, you should apply anyway. We want to know if you are an agent of change, just give us a hint. Focus more on who you are, what social issues keep you up at night and why solving them is important for a better world.

Duration: 5 minutes (max.). Applications with longer videos will be penalized.

No guidelines for video recording and editing (editing skills won't be evaluated).

To submit the video while guaranteeing your privacy you should upload it on YouTube, under the option “unlisted video” in the visibility settings. The link should then be added to the application form.

For Double Degree candidates:

  • Motivational Letter (in English) for the specific Double Degree candidates are applying to
  • Double Degree application form

For CEMS MIM candidates:

  • Motivational video
  • Language Template (download here)
  • English C1 proof

Please refer to the CEMS MIM page for details on these documents.

For some scholarships (namely Nova SBE Social Mobility and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation):

  • Household Tax Return Transcript (in English or Portuguese).


The admissions process starts with an online application submission, with all relevant documents, including motivation letters and videos. It is recommended that applications are submitted in the early months of the application period since Nova SBE works on a rolling admission basis

Some considerations:

A motivation Letter is required for all applicants - essays are candidates’ opportunity to tell us more about their motivation and detail interests, values, and ambitions. We will be looking for evidence of extra-curricular activities, examples of leadership and teamwork, reasons to pursue a Master’s at Nova SBE and what you will bring to our community. This essay is a vital part of your application, and we recommend you spend some time in its preparation. It must be specific to the current application and personal statements will not be accepted instead of the essays.


Mandatory for the Master's in Impact Entrepreneurship & Innovation candidates: "Are you a social innovator?" video

Mandatory for the IMF/IMM candidates: “Where do you see yourself professionally in 4 years and how will your personal, academic and professional journey until now contribute to reaching this goal?” video

Mandatory for the CEMS MIM candidates: See specific application requirements here

International Applicant/Student: If you are applying from outside of the European Union, please consider that visa processing times can take longer than three months after your first interview with the Consulate. We recommend that you start the visa application process as soon as you receive confirmation of your acceptance at Nova SBE. Remember that the responsibility for initiating and following the visa application process is entirely yours. Nova SBE does not influence the issuing time to process the visa.


General Admission: Candidates may have to attend an interview with either Alumni or Nova SBE’s Faculty assigned to examine the information provided in the application and evaluate the applicant’s eligibility and suitability for the program.

IMF and IMM: Candidates may have to attend an interview with the International Master’s Team to assess the provided information about academic potential and professional international orientation. Early applications for these programs are recommended as slots in the last month will be limited

Double Degrees: Candidates already accepted into a Nova SBE Master’s program and successfully pre-screened for the Double Degree are invited to an interview between January and May with the Double Degree Team (sometimes also with the Partner School). Slots per Double Degree are very limited which means that by March only a limited number of options might be available.

CEMS MIM:  Candidates accepted into a Nova SBE Master’s program and successfully pre-screened for the CEMS MIM are invited to an assessment to be scheduled between January and May. Slots in the CEMS MIM program are limited so early applications are recommended.


After evaluating the application, the Admissions Committee will make the final decisions based on all the information at its disposal.

The Admissions Committee is chaired by the Deputy Dean, responsible for Pre-Experience Programs, and includes, among other operational members, the Academic Director of each Master's program, the Executive Director of Pre-Experience Programs, the Head of Admissions, the Director of Institutional Relations and International Development and the Director of the Quality Department.

When assessing applications, the following elements are considered: final classification of the degree (or previous degree held, or classification at the date of submission of the application for the degree attending), school of origin, curriculum vitae, internship or other experiences (national or international), extracurricular and volunteering experiences, GMAT/GRE, language proficiency, letter of motivation/objectives and profile of the candidate for the specific program to which one is applying.

For the ranking of candidates, a general algorithm is applied.

Occasionally, for each program and/or for each application phase, the ranking algorithm may be reviewed.

After a final decision on all candidates, the Admissions Committee will produce a final report with the list of accepted and rejected candidates.

Decisions are communicated individually to each candidate by email. Candidates are responsible for checking their emails regularly during this process (including spam and the trash folder).

If candidates do not receive any communication from the School, they should send an email or call the Admissions Team. Admitted candidates who do not confirm their acceptance by the stipulated deadline will miss their place.

If you applied for the CEMS MIM or Double Degree you will receive feedback directly from that team regarding the Assessment/Interview date and time.

Candidates may request to see the results of their position in the Admissions process in strict compliance with EU GDPR No. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (General Data Protection Regulation).


Accepted candidates will have to pay a 1250€ non-refundable enrollment fee, to be deducted from the total tuition fee.

No exceptions or late payments will be accepted.

Enrollment in the CEMS MIM and Double Degree programs becomes effective after payment of an additional 1500€ non-refundable fee (on top of the 1250€ Master’s enrollment fee), to be deducted from the total tuition fee.


Admitted students to the Master’s in Management can defer up to one semester. For any other Master’s programs, admitted students can defer for the following academic year.

Accepted students must pay the enrollment fee to secure their place and send an email, until the enrollment second installment fee payment deadline, to (the Admissions Team will analyze the request). Not complying with the deadline, or making an unsuccessful request to defer, will require a new application submission.

The deferral may be subject to a re-entry fee.

For any inquiries, contact the Admissions Team at

Applications Fall Intake 2024/25

Applications are closed.

For more information, please contact us by emailing, scheduling a meeting (click here) or calling +351 213 801 699.


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Office hours are from Monday to Friday, with the following schedule:

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