CEMS Master's in International Management

Student Profile

CEMS seeks students from diverse academic backgrounds who are academically successful and display a high standard of ethical conduct, who can draw upon cultural diversity with respect and empathy, and who are committed to showing professional responsibility and accountability concerning society as a whole. These characteristics elements are necessary to become a successful international manager.  Previous professional experience, volunteer work, individual or team projects, and other relevant experiences are highly recommended, though not a requirement to apply.

Now, let’s take it step by step

Applications are open from January 5 to April 28 at 11.00 pm Lisbon Time, 2023. Early applications are recommended as CEMS works with a rolling admission process, with Assessments happening every month.

  • English CV with a photo
  • Proof of English proficiency (list of certificates and minimum scores)*:
    - TOEFL iBT minimum score – 100
    - IELTS Academic minimum score – 7.0
    - CPE minimum grade of C
    - CAE minimum grade of B
    - BEC Higher minimum grade of B
    - A-level GCSE issued in Singapore
    - Have a Bachelor's diploma entirely taught in English from an English speaking country, or in a CEMS or an EQUIS/AACSB accredited institution

* Candidates who do not have yet the exam result by the time of their application can still apply, providing a proof of enrolment in of these exams. A valid certificate must then be submitted on the last day of the application period.

  • Language template dully filled (download here)
  • Motivation video addressing the following topics (max. 5min):
    - How will you contribute to the CEMS MIM program? (max. 1min)
    - Describe a personal experience of success and what did you learn from it. (max. 2min)
    - Describe a personal experience of failure and what did you learn from it. (max. 2min)

This video should feature the candidate on camera answering these topics, in English. Any information provided over the time limit will not be considered.

To submit the video, guaranteeing their privacy, candidates should upload their recording on YouTube, selecting the “unlisted” option. The YouTube link should then be sent as a pdf in the CEMS application under the section “files.”

Students should apply to the CEMS MIM at the same time as they apply to one of the 8 Master’s Programs at Nova SBE. 

Phase 1) Application

Apply for one of Nova SBE’s Master’s programs mentioning your interest in applying to the CEMS MIM program, and immediately after, submit the online application for the CEMS MIM program, under “Nova School of Business & Economics.” At this stage, you will need to submit the required documentation mentioned above.

Nova SBE’s Master’s programs applications and applications to the CEMS MIM are two separate application processes – students must submit both application forms.

Phase 2) Assessment

Candidates accepted into one of Nova SBE Master’s and whose application is pre-selected are invited to the Assessment Center – either in person or online. The Assessment Center will consist of a short presentation to a Nova SBE faculty jury on a topic, given to the candidate during the process. Assessments are scheduled once a month in February, March, April, and May, so early applications are recommended.

Phase 3) Decision

The decision is communicated shortly after the Assessment Center via email. If questions remain regarding the fit with the program, an additional interview might be requested.

Phase 4) Enrollment

The enrolment in the CEMS MIM program requires two steps: step 1: students must enroll in one of the 8 Nova SBE Master’s program they have been selected to, by paying the respective enrolment fee. Step 2: students must enroll in the CEMS MIM program by paying a 1500€ fee (deductible from the total fee).


Any further queries about the CEMS program should be addressed to Enquiries and Applications listed below:

Enquiries and Applications

Campus de Carcavelos
Rua da Holanda, 1
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