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The Alumni Club's mission is to create a lifelong and worldwide community of Nova SBE Alumni through relevant and meaningful engagement activities in order to nurture pride, belonging, reciprocity and commitment to Nova SBE. We do so by actively engaging Alumni in school life, increasing the range of events, promoting networking amongst Alumni, locally and internationally, and continuously communicating the schools and the Alumni Club's achievements with the Alumni community.

International Chapters
International Chapters
Alumni actively engaged in our international network
Alumni actively engaged in our international network
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events worldwide
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Alumni Party & Alumni Awards

Already a tradition, the Alumni Party in December is the biggest party of the year, gathering Alumni from all years and courses.

Nothing tells the story of the school better than the success of its Alumni. The true measure of a school's greatness can be found in the achievements of its Alumni.

The purpose of the Nova SBE Alumni Awards is to recognize the school's Alumni who have made significant contributions to society, and whose accomplishments, affiliations, and careers have honoured the legacy of impact and excellence of Nova SBE


The ambassadors have been key to the success of the Alumni Club and the development of the school. We have ambassadors from all classes from 1978 till now, willing to be an active part of the school's growth.

Get to know our community initiatives

Nova SBE is the home to the most innovative way of learning, sharing, and growing in Europe. Meet, work and reconnect at our Alumni Lounge, and enjoy the campus that was built upon our Alumni community's generosity.

Many of our Alumni of all ages and disciplines have their Class Reunions to reconnect as years go by, whether it be groups, classes or student clubs. Whilst we rely on individuals to organise reunion events, the Alumni Relations Team is more than happy to facilitate your reunion and provide all the support you need. See how we can help here> (SUB-PAGE CLASS REUNIONS)

The Alumni Day is a full day event that celebrates the classes on every 5th anniversary since our Alumni joined Nova SBE's community. 

The Nova SBE Alumni Afterworks are Alumni-organized events to gather our community for a drink in many cities of the world. You can check the events happening here> (link collection Eventbrite)

If you wish to organize an event in your city, get in touch.

The Nova SBE Alumni International Chapters act as a geographically based hubs of activity led by a City Board of Nova SBE Ambassadors who live in the area. The objectives are wide-ranging focused on creating networking opportunities for Alumni in the city, creating discussion forums, engaging with relevant corporate partners and prospective Nova SBE students, supporting the advancement of Nova SBE in these markets.

Get Involved

Nova SBE is part of who you are. You can give back and pay forward with your knowledge, experience, time and generosity to actively contribute to a better and sustainable future. 

There are a wide range of ways you can contribute and support to the growth and development of  your school.


Contact us if you need any support, if you want to share your achievements, if you have ideas for the Alumni Club and to give us feedback!