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Community Involvement

Since the beginning of ICF, many people and entities have shown interest in contributing in different ways to the development of the project. For this reason, we have promoted several types of initiatives that allow the Community to play an active role in building solutions.

The ICF’s Council of Families and Council of Institutions are working groups that aim to ensure that the solution proposals developed are based on concrete needs and real cases.

In these Councils, ICF gathers different types of actors in the same room, reporting its work and asking the community to carry out a concrete action. Thus, the participants have the opportunity to be part of the designed solution, being active in the continuous discussion about the needs and challenges at hand and giving feedback on the ICF projects while building in the community and expanding their network.

The two Councils’ existence is due to the different groups that constitute them. The Council of Families consists of the people with disabilities, their families, and anyone interested in the subject. In turn, the Council of Institutions represents the entities – public, business, or Private Social Solidarity Institutions (Instituições Particulares de Solidariedade Social – IPSS) – that are interested in participating in the ICF.

Inclusive Talks are sessions organized by ICF to promote its activity and involve specific community groups in the co-creation of initiatives.

Annual Edition: This is an annual event in where ICF shares with the community the path taken andthe main achievements.

Specific Edition: Working sessions aimed at specific community groups to boost the co-creation of initiatives developed under ICF's scope.

As a Nova SBE initiative, part of the Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center, ICF offers different types of participation to its entire community. Students, academia, staff, corporate partners, and alumni participate in ICF initiatives and projects that can be incorporated into courses, dissertations, theses, and student clubs.

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