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Nova SBE is committed to doctoral researchers’ effective placement. Our doctoral researchers are well suited for positions in competitive international institutions, as well as to fill top positions in business companies, financial institutions, and governmental organizations.

PhD Placement


  • Laman Orujova: Postdoctoral Researcher, Centro de Investigação de Políticas do Ensino Superior (Portugal)
  • Mariia Murasheva: Postdoctoral researcher, Bocconi University (Italy)
  • Marli Fernandes: Postdoctoral researcher, University of Padova (Italy)
  • Massimiliano Bondatti: Assistant Professor, CUNEF (Spain)
  • Mattia Fracchia: Assistant Professor, IE Business School (Spain)
  • Pedro Freitas: Postdoctoral Fellow, Oxford University | Blavatnik School of Government (UK)


  • Afonso Câmara Leme: Postdoctoral Researcher, Aix-Marseille School of Economics (France)
  • Felix Brunner: Machine Learning Scientist, dida Machine Learning (Germany)
  • Robert Hill: Senior Economist - Bank of Canada (Canada)
  • Stefan Leeffers: Lecturer - University College London (IRDR) (UK)

PhD thesis

Check our graduate thesis and discover more on the topics we research at our school. 

  • Joana Cardim Dias: Senior Researcher - Education Policy Institute (UK)
  • João dos Santos: Assistant Professor - ISEG. (Portugal) & Researcher - Leibniz Institute for Economic Research (Germany)
  • Madhuri Agarwal: LSE Fellow - London School of Economics (UK)
  • Sara de Almeida: Postdoc - Imperial College London (UK)
  • Sharmin Sazedj: Economist - Bank of Portugal (Portugal)
  • Eduardo Costa: Research Fellow - Lancaster University (UK)
  • Fahiz Baba-Yara: Assistant Professor - The Kelley School of Business at Indiana University (US)
  • Ana Garcia Hernandez: Post-Doctoral Fellow - Universidad del Rosario and Innovations for Poverty Action in Bogota (Colombia)
  • Diogo Mendes: Assistant Professor - Stockholm School of Economics and Swedish House of Finance (Sweden)
  • Inês Vilela: Assistant Professor (Lecturer) - Royal Holloway, University of London (UK)
  • Joao Magro: Graduate Trainee - European Central Bank (Germany)
  • Luís Filipe: Senior Research Associate - Lancaster University (UK)
  • Maria Ana Matias: Research Fellow - Centre of Health Economics of the University of York (UK)
  • Miguel H. Ferreira: Post-Doctoral Fellow - University of Cambridge (UK)
  • Nucke Widowati: Lecturer and Researcher - Politeknik Statisika STIS (Indonesia)
  • Rute Caeiro: Research Associate - UNU-WIDER United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics Research (Finland)
  • Tijan Bah: Assistant Professor - Universidade de Navarra (Spain)
  • Carla Caeiro Soares: Economist - Bank of Portugal (Portugal)
  • Erica Marujo: Economist - Bank of Portugal (Portugal)
  • Jacob Macdonald: Research Fellow - University of Liverpool (UK)
  • Julia Seither: Post-Doctoral Fellow - University of Chicago/UCEMA Joint Initiative for Latin American Experimental Economics (United States)
  • Mário Meira: Assistant Professor - Católica Lisbon School of Business and Economics (Portugal)
  • Marta Lopes: Post-Doctoral Fellow - European University Institute (Italy)
  • Risa Pavia: Data Scientist - Quantexa (Belgium)
  • Ruth Fortman: Data Scientist - Competition and Markets Authority (UK)
  • Christoph Deuster: Associate Population Affairs Officer - United Nations (US)
  • Guillermo Ramirez Hunter: Professor Adjunt - Instituto Politécnico de Leiria (Portugal)
  • Marko Petrov: Quantitative Strategies Associate - Credit Suisse (UK)
  • Miguel Boucinha: Economist - European Central Bank (Germany)
Luciana Barbosa 

Dissertation "Essays on Corporate Funding and Bank Lending Relationships", January 2017
Advisor Prof. Paulo Pinho
Placement Banco de Portugal

Marta Rocha

Dissertation "Firm and Consumer Behaviour in Energy Markets", February 2017
Advisor Prof. Steffen Hoernig
Placement Competition and Markets Authority UK

Sónia Félix

Dissertation "Essays on Labor, Product, and Credit Market Imperfections", June 2017
Advisor Prof. Pedro Portugal
Placement Banco de Portugal

Manuel Lancastre 

Dissertation "Essays on Secular Stagnation", December 2016
Advisor Prof. Pedro Brinca and Prof. Francesco Franco
Placement Brown University

Sandra Bernardo 

Dissertation "Theory and Evidence on Self-Fulfilling Sovereign Debt Crises", September 2016
Advisor Prof. André de Castro Silva
Placement Universidade Fernando Pessoa | Faculdade de Ciências Humanas e Sociais

Sara Serra 

Dissertation "Firing and Training Costs and Labour Market Segmentation", April 2016
Advisor Prof. Francesco Franco
Placement Banco de Portugal, Economic Research Department

Ana Gouveia 

Dissertation "Essays in the Political Economy of Pension Systems", September 2015
Advisor Prof. Susana Peralta
Placement Ministério da Economia (Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos), Banco Central Europeu

Cláudia Alves 

Dissertation "Essays in Entrepreneurship Among Foreign Individuals", May 2015
Advisor Prof. José Mata
Placement Teaching Assistant, Nova SBE

Ernesto Freitas

Dissertation "Essays in Exports and Ownership Outcomes", May 2015
Advisor Prof. José Mata
Placement Teaching Assistant, Nova SBE

Gonçalo Rocha

Dissertation "Basel III New Capital Requirements, Impacts and Bank Behaviour", November 2015
Advisor Prof. Miguel Ferreira
Placement Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

João Filipe

Dissertation "Tax Competition with Commuting in Asymetric Cities", September 2015
Advisor Prof. Susana Peralta
Placement Banco de Portugal

Pedro Chaves

Dissertation "Essays on Bounded Rationality: Individual Decision and Strategic Interaction", September 2015
Advisor Prof. Susana Peralta
Placement Post-doc at Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública

Tugba Zeydanli

Dissertation "Essays on Subjective Well-Being", May 2015
Advisor Prof. Jean Marc-Bonnisseau (Paris 1) and Prof. Pedro Vicente
Placement Post-doc Fellow, Collegio Carlo Alberto

David Henriques 

Dissertation "The new Economy: Essays in Network Economics and Two-Sided Markets", July 2014
Advisor Prof. Steffen Hoernig and Prof. Vasco Santos
Placement OFCOM (UK)

Gisele Braun 

Dissertation "Essays in Health Economics: Volume-Outcome Effect, Upcoding Behaviour and the Evaluation of a Short-Term Intervention Program", December 2014
Advisor Prof. Pedro Pita Barros
Placement Fellowship University of Surrey

Vladimir Otrachshenko 

Dissertation "Essays in Environmental and Hapiness Economics", May 2013
Advisor Prof. Antonieta Cunha e Sá and Prof. Luis Catela Nunes
Placement Junior Researcher in Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM), Venice Italy.

Rúben Branco

Dissertation "Macroeconomic Impacts of Politics and Policy: Applications to Financial and Real Markets", June 2013
Advisor Prof. José Tavares 
Placement Chief of Cabinet of the Secretary of State to the Vice Prime Minister, Government of Portugal

Luis Carvalho 

Dissertation "Three essays on Game Theory and Bargaining", November 2013
Advisor Prof. Guilherme Carmona and (Co-Advisor) Prof. Guido Maretto
Placement Assistant Professor in ISCTE

Mafalda Almeida Sampaio

Dissertation "Three Essays in Risky Behaviors", April 2012
Advisor Prof. Adeline Delavande
Placement McKinsey

Nuno Sobreira 

Dissertation "Three Essays On Structural Breaks", July 2012
Advisor Prof. Luis Catela Nunes 
Placement Insper Institute of Education and research | Lisbon School of Economics and Management 

Pedro Barroso 

Dissertation "Three Essays in Financial Markets", September 2012
Advisor Prof. Pedro Santa Clara 
Placement Lecturer in Exeter University, UK

Helena Címerová 

Dissertation "Three Essays on the Market for CEOs", December 2012
Advisor Prof. Miguel Ferreira 
Placement Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Auckland Centre for Financial Research, Auckland University of Technology, in Auckland, New Zealand.

H. Doruk Iris

Dissertation "Four essays in Behavioral Economics", September 2011
Advisor Prof. Chrysostomos Tabakis 
Placement Assistant Professor, Sogang University - South Korea
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João Mendonça Mergulhão

Dissertation "Three Essays in Empirical Finance", July 2011
Advisor Prof. João Amaro de Matos
Placement Assistant Professor - Escola de Economia de São Paulo - Fundação Getúlio Vargas

Margarida Rodrigues

Dissertation "Three Essays in the Economics of Education", March 2011
Advisor Prof. Ana Balcão Reis
Placement Institute for Employment Research (IAB), Germany 


José Faias

Dissertation "Three Essays in Finance”, January 2010.
Advisor Prof. Luís Catela Nunes and Prof Pedro Santa-Clara Gomes
Placement Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Assistant Professor.

Nuno Silva

Dissertation “Three Essays on Optimal Consumption and Asset Allocation”, October 2010.
Advisor Prof. João Amaro de Matos
Placement Universidade de Coimbra, Assistant Professor.

Teresa Sousa

Dissertation “Essays on Open Economies: Interdependence, Asymmetries and Uncertainty”, September 2010.
Advisor Prof. Manuel Santos
Placement GPEARI – Public Administration and Finance Governmental Office

Paulo Júlio

Dissertation “Essays in Political Economy: Explaining Policy Outcomes”, July 2010.
Advisor Prof. José A. Tavares
Placement Gabinete de Estratégia e Estudos do Ministério da Economia e Emprego
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Pedro Carreira

Dissertation "Essays on Buyer Power and Private Labels", May 2010.
Advisor Prof. Steffen Hoernig
Placement College of Technology and Management – I.P. Leiria, Associated Professor.

Susana Lima

Dissertation "Essays on Efficiency and Competition in Banking", April 2010.
Advisor Prof. Paulo Soares de Pinho
Placement Banco de Portugal

José Costa

Dissertation "Optimal Fiscal Policy and Public Debt Management in a Small Open Economy", April 2010.
Advisor Prof. André Castro Silva
Placement Instituto de Gestão da Tesouraria e do Crédito Público, IGCP

Jaime Luque

Dissertation “Essays in Equilibruim Theory: Repo Markets and Formation of Jurisdictions with Public
Goods", March 2009.
Advisor Prof. Mário Páscoa
Placement Assistant professor, Dept. Real Estate, Wisconsin School of Business, University Wisconsin-Madison | Spain, Universidad Carlos III Madrid (2009-2012)

Renato Rosa

Dissertation "Essays on Forestry Economics", March 2009.
Advisor Prof. Antonieta Cunha e Sá
Placement Italy, FEEM-Fondazione Enrico Mattei Venice, Junior Researcher.

Susana Salvado

Dissertation "Fiscal Policy Coordination Gains in a Monetary Union", November 2009
Advisor Prof. André Castro Silva and Prof. Isabel Horta Correia
Placement Banco de Portugal

João Furtado

Dissertation "Rationality and Rhizomatic Thinking in Games: Collective Action, Voting Behavior and Voting Rules", July 2009.
Advisor Prof. Paulo Côrte-Real

João Vareda

Dissertation "Essays on Telecommunications Access Regulation and Investment", April 2008.
Advisor Prof. Steffen Hoernig
Placement Competition Authority, Government of Portugal.

Pedro Rodrigues

Dissertation “Pension Reform in Portugal: A Dinamic General Equilibrium Analysis”, July 2007.
Advisor Prof. Alfredo Marvão Pereira
Placement ISCSP, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Assistant Professor

António Morgado

Dissertation "An Economic Analysis of Bankruptcy Law The Perspective of Incentives and Efficiency”, April
Advisor Prof. Nuno Garoupa
Placement ISCAL, Assistant Professor | Faculdade Economia Universidade de Aveiro, Visiting Assistant Professor.

Paulo Maio

Dissertation "Essays on dynamic and equilibrium asset pricing", September 2006.
Advisor Prof. João Amaro de Matos
Placement UK, Durham University, Lecturer in Finance | Turkey, Bilkent University (2007-2009).

Ana Lacerda

Dissertation "Derivatives' Pricing in Dry Markets", March 2006.
Advisor Prof. João Amaro de Matos
Placement USA, Columbia University NY (2005-6) | Economic Research, Banco de Portugal | European Commision - Brussels

Sílvia Jorge

Dissertation "Essays on Discriminatory Pricing in Oligopolistic Differentiated Markets", December 2006.
Advisor Prof. Cesaltina Pires and Prof. Vasco Santos
Placement Universidade Aveiro, DEGEI, Visiting Assistant Professor.

Francisca Oliveira

Dissertation "Essays on Growth and Government Efficiency", December 2006.
Advisor Prof. José A. Tavares
Placement Faculdade Economia Universidade Católica Porto, Assistant Professor.

Alexandra Leitão

Dissertation "Essays on Environmental Economics and Growth", May 2006.
Advisor Prof. Antonieta Cunha e Sá and Prof. Ana Balcão Reis
Placement Faculdade Economia Universidade Católica Porto, Assistant Professor.
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Luís Brites Pereira

Dissertation “Crises and Credibility: Essays on Currency Pegs”, July 2005.
Advisor Prof. Braga de Macedo
Placement Secretary of State of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation

Susana Narciso

Dissertation “Essays on policies for the health sector: the relationship between agents and their incentives”, November 2004.
Advisor Prof. Pedro Pita Barros
Placement Governmental Department for the Regional Development – Banco de Portugal

Tiago Sequeira

Dissertation "Essays on Human Capital, Economic Growth and Development", July 2004.
Advisor Prof. Ana Balcão Reis and Prof. José A. Tavares
Placement Universidade da Beira Interior, Assistant Professor

Nuno Alves

Dissertation “Essays on Frictions in General Equilibrium Models”, June 2004.
Advisor Prof. Isabel Horta Correia and Prof. Tiago Cavalcantti
Placement Banco de Portugal, DEE

Nuno Gouveia

Dissertation “General Equilibrium under Asymmetric Information, in an Economy with Indexed Assets and Default Penalities”, December 2003.
Advisor Prof. Mário Páscoa
Placement Paris, CERMSEM (2004) | Faculdade Economia Univ. Porto, Researcher (2006).

Paula Antão

Dissertation “Valorização de Opções em Mercados de Capitais Ilíquidos”, November 2002.
Advisor Prof. Amaro de Matos
Placement Bank of Portugal, Economic Research Department.

António Antunes

Dissertation “Essays on Growth and Economic Policy”, January 2002.
Advisor Prof. Abel Mateus
Placement Bank of Portugal, Economic Research Department.


Duarte Brito

Dissertation “Ensaios em Economia Industrial: Fusões e Aquisições”, December 2001.
Advisor Prof. Pedro Pita Barros
Placement FCT Universidade Nova Lisboa, Assistant Professor

Francisco Lima

Dissertation “Essays on Personnel Economics”, March 2001.
Advisor Prof. Pedro Telhado Pereira
Placement Instituto Superior Técnico, Engineering & Management Chairman Department.


Ana Brasão

Dissertation “Ensaios em Economia dos Recursos Naturais”, December 2000.
Advisor Prof. Clara Costa Duarte
Placement Coordinator of the Economics Research Department of Univ. Lusófona, Associate Professor

Pedro Pintassilgo

Dissertation “Essays on the Management of High Seas Fisheries”, December 2000.
Advisor Prof. Clara Costa Duarte
Placement Universidade do Algarve, Associated Professor.

João Amador

Dissertation “Ensaios em Macroeconomia e Finanças Públicas", December 2000.
Advisor Prof. Vasco d'Orey
Placement Bank of Portugal, Economic Research Department.

Marta Faias

Dissertation “Ensaios na Teoria da Concorrência e na Teoria dos Mercados Financeiros”, November 2000.
Advisor Prof. Mário Páscoa
Placement FCT Universidade Nova Lisboa, Assistant Professor

Catarina Roseta

Dissertation “Ensaios em Economia dos Recursos Naturais”, November 2000.
Advisor Prof. Antonieta Cunha e Sá
Placement ISCTE, Assistant Professor

Augusto Henriques

Dissertation “Essays in the Portuguese Labour Market”, October 2000.
Dissertation Commitee Juan Francisco Jimeno Serrano, Pedro Telhado Pereira, Maria Leonor Ribeiro Modesto, Pedro Portugal, José Pedro Barosa.
Placement Universidade Lusófona, Associate Professor

Ana Balcão Reis

Dissertation “Ensaios em Crescimento Económico”, September 1999.
Advisor Prof. Isabel Horta Correia
Placement Associate Professor, Faculdade de Economia Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Margarida Catalão Lopes

Dissertation "Essays on Mergers and Banking”, May 1999.
Advisor Prof. Luis Cabral
Placement Instituto Superior Técnico, Associate Professor

Rui Baleiras

Dissertation "Economia Política em Governos Locais”, October 1997.
Advisor Prof. José da Silva Costa
Placement Head of the Governmental Department for the Regional Development (2005-2009) | Minho University, Associate Professor.

Pedro Pimentel

Dissertation “Modelos Macroeconómicos com Indivisibilidade do Trabalho”, July 1997.
Dissertation Committee Alfredo Marvão Pereira, Pedro Telhado Pereira, José Ferreira Machado, Vitor Gaspar, Miguel Pedro St. Aubyn.
Placement AESE, Professor

Pedro Pita Barros

Dissertation "Ensaios em Economia Industrial", July 1993.
Advisor Prof. Luis Cabral
Placement Member of the Board of the Portuguese Energy Regulator | Faculty President and Professor, Faculdade de Economia Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Clara Costa Duarte

Dissertation “Ensaios em Teoria Económica dos Recursos Renováveis”, December 1991.
Advisor Prof. Diogo de Lucena
Placement Associate Professor, Faculdade Economia da Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Maria do Carmo Seabra

​Dissertation "A existência de monopólio natural nas telecomunicações em Portugal", October 1987.
Advisor Prof. António Pinto Barbosa
Placement Minister of Education (2004-2005) | Associate Professor, Faculdade de Economia Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Vitor Gaspar

Dissertation "Contribuições para os Fundamentos Macroeconómicos da Economia Pública", April 1988.
Dissertation Committee Prof. Alan Kirman, European University, Prof. António Soares Pinto Barbosa, Prof. Diogo de Lucena and Prof. Pedro Telhado Pereira.
Placement Minister of Finance, XIXth Constitutional Government, Portugal

José Barosa

Dissertation "Três Ensaios sobre o Mercado do Trabalho (contratos, rigidez salarial, ciclos) com aplicação à Economia Portuguesa", October 1986.
Dissertation Committee Prof. António Manuel Pinto Barbosa, Prof. António Soares Pinto Barbosa, Prof. Luís Miguel Beleza and Prof. António Borges, INSEAD.


I chose NOVA SBE because my research agenda matched my supervisor's on-going research. The school supports my research, both financially and academically. I have received continuous mentorship and advice from world class-researchers at the department. Choosing NOVA SBE and Portugal has been one of the best decisions of my life!

Baba Yara Fahiz, PhD Alumni in Economics and Finance (Finance)