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Journey to Inclusion

In 2017, ICF developed solutions to improve the employability of people with disabilities.

After diagnosing and understanding where the action was needed, solutions were developed and tested alongside the community through pilot projects. Today, these solutions have been handed over to the community and follow their path fulfilling the purpose for which they were created.

The Journey to Inclusion is the path proposed by ICF for companies that want to be more inclusive concerning people with disabilities and are therefore willing to sign the "Commitment to Inclusion." This journey arose as a response to a market need – the creation of a collection of clear steps towards achieving inclusive recruitment.

Thereby ICF has brought together several responses in a single journey, consisting of five steps. Depending on the reality and needs of each company, the Journey to Inclusion can be covered in its entirety or by block.


Find out more about ICF's employability projects:

The Journey to Inclusion begins with the signing of the "Commitment to Inclusion."

By signing the "Commitment to Inclusion," companies declare their interest and commitment in promoting the employability of people with disabilities, recognizing the economic and social value of this reality for the company they represent, their employees, and the community.

With the signing of the "Commitment to Inclusion," companies benefit from ICF's support in operationalizing the first steps for hiring people with disabilities.

Launched at the Inclusive Talks 2019, when 24 companies publicly accepted the challenge of committing with the inclusion of people with disabilities in their organizations, this Commitment aims to promote the employment of people with disabilities.

In October 2022, ICF detailed the Commitment to Inclusion, making it clearer and more specific and challenged the companies again. Therefore, companies are committing with employing people with disabilities, in the next 2 years, the time in which ICF will give support and follow-up the companies more closely.

As of today, 69 companies have already signed the "Commitment to Inclusion." See who they are:

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Over the first 3 years of Commitment to Inclusion – between March 2019 and September 2022 – 44 companies signed this Commitment becoming committed with the employment of people with disabilities.

These where the 44 pioneer companies that signed "Commitment to Inclusion.":

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Discover the testimony of Barraqueiro Group on their Journey to Inclusion:


Discover the testimony of our partners on their Journey to Inclusion:


  • Aegon Santander
    The right partnerships are very important for the success of inclusive recruitment. Learn how Aegon Santander has implemented its "Commitment to Inclusion."
    Watch the video.
  • Brisa
    Brisa shares an inspiring message about hiring people with disabilities, telling the path taken since the signing of the "Commitment to Inclusion", promoted by ICF.
    Watch the video.
  • CUF
    CUF signed the Commitment to Inclusion as part of its collaboration with ICF and since then has made great strides in hiring people with disabilities.
    Watch the video.
  • El Corte Inglés
    El Corte Inglés has a long experience of inclusive recruitment. Find out what it has learned along the way.
    Watch the video.
  • Jerónimo Martins
    Jerónimo Martins signed the "Commitment to Inclusion" as part of its collaboration with ICF. Learn about its experience of hiring people with disabilities from its testimony.
    Watch the video.
  • Santander
    Santander is one of the companies that signed the "Commitment to Inclusion". Based on its experience in hiring people with disabilities, it shares a message for other companies: "Do it quickly. You're going to gain a lot from this process."
    Watch the video.

Awareness-raising sessions can be targeted at leaders or human resource teams and focus essentially on:

  • The most frequent myths;
  • And the different paths they can take to adopt inclusive recruitment.


Learn about Accenture's experience of the awareness-raising sessions:

Consulting Labs are the third step in the Journey to Inclusion.

These are consulting projects with an average duration of three months and are conducted by a team of master’s degree students from Nova SBE under the guidance of Professor Constança Casquinho.

Their mission is to address a concrete challenge that a business client proposes.

As examples of Consulting Labs in the Journey to Inclusion, we have the definition of the strategy for diversity and inclusion, the definition of the strategy for inclusive recruitment, and recommendations for adapting the internal recruitment process.

Learn about CUF's experience with Consulting Labs.

Nova SBE Executive Education & Business Transformation's short-term diversity and inclusion program is a service provided by Nova SBE, designed alongside the ICF, to companies.

This training emerged to meet the need that some companies felt in perfecting their academic training on this subject, and thus contributing to achieving their objectives of promoting greater diversity and inclusion.

It stands out for being a customized program designed according to the needs and characteristics of each company. The intention is that this training will lead companies to greater motivation and alignment between teams and allow planning for implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy.

The last step of the Journey to Inclusion is Inclusive Future, an initiative that aims to raise community awareness about the employability of people with disabilities through testimonial videos. In these videos, people with disabilities talk about their work, their responsibilities, and the specific tasks they perform, elaborating on the impact that this job ends up having on their lives.

The Inclusive Future is part of the Design the Future platform, a vocational exploration platform. This way, it brings together the videos of people with disabilities with so many others, providing true inclusion.

Showing that it is possible brings value to the market, and it also shows that there are different ways of employability. Thus, on the one hand, this initiative aims to increase the awareness and predisposition of companies to hire employees with disabilities and, on the other hand, inspire people with disabilities for employability.

In this last step of the Journey to Inclusion, companies are challenged to share a video with success stories of people with disabilities who have been hired for their organizations in the context of inclusive recruitment.

The Inclusive Future pilot project was developed under the context of employability and, through ICF's partnership with the Design the Future platform, resulted in the production of ten videos. After the pilot project, five videos of companies were produced in the context of the Journey to Inclusion.

All the videos that have been produced so far are available on the Design the Future platform.

Start your Journey

The group of companies that have already started this journey keeps growing. Challenge your company to start on this path to greater inclusion.

Inclusive Future

Inclusive Future

Learn about the success stories of people with disabilities who work in various areas and professional sectors.