Nova SBE Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute

For students

A place to grow

We aim to empower, prepare, and equip all students with an entrepreneurial mindset while building a dynamic community alongside our startups and partners.

Through different opportunities, you will be able to develop your knowledge and experience on entrepreneurship-related topics. Whether you want to develop or expand your own business or start a career in a startup or tech company, we will make sure that during your journey at Nova SBE, you will acquire the right skills, tools, and network to achieve your goals.

Therefore, we hold several events, mentoring sessions, and meetups and provide co-working space, curated content newsletters, competence modules, workshops, masterclasses, and networking events.

So, stay tuned and do not miss a bit!

The program has supported us, especially through personal feedback sessions, giving us a lot to think about.

Tobias Klug,
Master's student

Joining Makers in the Making was the best decision to make Level Up go from a dream to reality.

Pedro Chorão,
Bachelor's Student

Nova SBE Founders' Community

The community of all entrepreneurs.
If you already have a project, are building one, if you have an idea, or if you just have the willingness to start something, then we need you, and ours is the place to be!

By joining us, you will be part of a community that gathers students, alumni, and founders with different and varied backgrounds. You will come into contact with early-stage businesses and get the chance to learn from more experienced founders already raising series A and beyond.

We want to support and empower you with:

  • Networking events
  • Workshops
  • Pitching opportunities (national and international)
  • Mentoring sessions



    In April, we will inaugurate a dedicated brand-new co-working space to accommodate all the entrepreneurs' needs so that they can grow their businesses in a dynamic and thrilling environment.
    According to your needs and your project's development stage, you will have the opportunity to meet mentors with different experiences and from varied backgrounds willing to share insight with you. You can also book a periodical meeting with our team.
    You can bring your projects to the classes you attend and work on them with other students. Use your project to work on a thesis and use that time to develop it further.
    Nova SBE connects you with other students and professionals who can participate in your project and help you build it.
    Nova SBE hosts several events on-campus. Through community meetups, pitch days, acceleration programs, conferences, talks, connections to corporate partners, etc., you will be able to build a valuable network.
    Nova SBE also has a network of investors with whom the Nova SBE Haddad Entrepreneurship Institute has a closer relationship. You can check them here. We are available to introduce you to business angels and Venture Capital firms that are aligned with your businesses' activity and growth goals.
Entrepreneurship Area of Expertise

Entrepreneurship Area of Expertise

The stream in Entrepreneurship aims to prepare students to succeed when exploring new business ideas. The courses will allow you to evaluate the feasibility of new solutions for existing market problems and develop and implement business models that create value. 

Entrepreneurship Experience Booklet

Nova SBE has a wide variety of offers for entrepreneurs. This means that it is hard to make sure that you are making the most out of everything the school has for you.

That is why we have gathered these experiences in a booklet to help you better design your entrepreneurial experience at the school.

Startup Summer Experience

A five-week internship experience where you will support a startup in a specific challenge. Startups benefit a lot from the experience of having external professionals supporting them with specific topics and challenges. Therefore we have created a uniquely immersive experience that will provide you with all the tools, resources, and network needed for you and the startup to succeed.

Stay tuned on our LinkedIn not to miss the launch of the next edition.

Mentoring and Guidance

If you like entrepreneurship and you don't know where to start, if you have an idea and want feedback, if you're thinking about a work project, or if you have any other topic we can help you with, knock on the door or schedule a quick meeting here.