Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence

A small number of gifted individuals can have a great impact on society. The Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence identifies the most talented students in the school and empowers them to change the world.

The program includes exclusive networking opportunities, social impact experiences, a leadership program with business leaders as keynote speakers, and tuition fees support. This merit-based program is offered to students with demonstrated academic excellence, outstanding performance in sports, and culture and social engagement. The award is sponsored by benefactors and corporations who want to empower high-achievement students with energy and aspiration.

The Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence prepares individuals to achieve their full potential as students, no doubt, but also as citizens and human beings. In other words, it gives the Fellows the opportunity to go out into the world and leave their mark; whatever that mark might be; it is an ecosystem where energy and creativity turn into deeds - where aspirations and dreams become day-to-day life. It sees individual accomplishment as the foundation of social progress, which is to say it believes the Fellows will become the next generation of business and society leaders. We invite organizations to become part of the future and support this outstanding talent by:

  • Strategic involvement
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Learning opportunities
  • Financial contribution

You can read our Commitment Manual and Regulation.

The future of our world depends on the skills, the values, and the attitude we develop in the following generations.

Daniel Traça, Nova SBE Dean

The Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence is a two-way street. We want to celebrate, reward, and invest in great talent. And we expect exceptional talent to give back to the school and society.

Raúl Galamba, Founder of Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence

Our students


This Fellowship for Excellence scholarship program rewards our Master’s students’ excellence and dedication and prepares them to reach their full potential as students and world citizens.

One of my proudest accomplishments was being chosen for the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence. Besides being an outstanding program, it also acknowledges all of my hard work and enlightens me that I am on the right track as a citizen and proactive member of society.

Beatriz Pedrosa,
Master's in Management

I can say that being at Nova Business School of Business & Economics is a great achievement for me, but I like to think that there are no boundaries to my achievements. So, my biggest achievement could always be the next one!

Bernardo Leal,
Master's in Management

With this program, my professional but also personal development will be taken to another level, and I feel honored to be one of the few students to get the opportunity to do so. I know that after this year, I will be a better version of myself, able to realize everything I have ever dreamed of.

Elisabeth Seidl,
Master's in Finance

My biggest achievement is being a Nova SBE Fellow of one of the leading business schools in Europe.

Hrant Aghajanyan,
Master's in Finance

I am beyond grateful to the entire Nova SBE Community for giving me this chance to realize my full potential, which made me believe that through hard work, commitment, and passion, you can achieve great things, no matter your background or origin.

Kim Wiedmann,
Master's in Management

It is an honor to be a part of this inspiring community because it serves as a reward for my previous achievements and hard work: be it in university, sports, or the community. Still, I believe this is only the start of our journey of continuous development, and I am excited to embark on this challenge with my Fellows.

Konrad Winterhager,
Master's in Finance – CEMS MIM

It is an honor to be selected, and I look forward to the opportunities to further develop my skill set and outlook this program provides. I am positive that the Nova SBE Fellowship will help me shape my future and reach closer to my goals and dreams.

Micha Claasen,
Master's in Finance

The fact that I was admitted and awarded the Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence makes me very proud. I appreciate working with many ambitious and intelligent people and learning from experienced professors. 

Paulina Arnst,
International Master's in Management – CEMS MIM”

I am very proud to have been accepted into one of the best Master's in Finance in the world, being part of this amazing Nova SBE Fellowship for Excellence program!

Rita Aires,
Master's in Finance

Our benefactors


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