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Nova SBE unites its researchers in a single Research Unit with a cross-disciplinary orientation, leveraging the diversity of research taking place. Management research comprises leadership, strategy, marketing, consumer behaviour, and entrepreneurship and innovation. Economics includes public policy with micro (education, healthcare, development, environment, natural resources) and macro (unemployment, fiscal policy, and economic growth) dimensions. Finance includes corporate finance, institutional investment, mutual funds, theoretical and empirical models of asset pricing, energy markets, risk management, and sustainable finance.

Accompanying the school’s growth on the new campus, the Unit grew more than 50% in integrated researchers in recent years, from 73 in 2018 to 112 in 2024. It also hosts 84 PhD candidates and 13 Research Collaborators. They all benefit from excellent conditions to fulfil their needs. The library serves as a fundamental resource hub. The research infrastructure DataLab provides researchers with a secure and reliable platform to store, manage, and analyse data, giving access to a large set of databases. The Behavioural Lab is pivotal for conducting controlled studies that delve into human decision-making processes. Weekly seminars series (Economics, Finance, Management, and NOVAFRICA) with invited speakers from international top departments provide exposure to state-of-the-art research. Researchers receive funds to present their work at international conferences. Furthermore, researchers benefit from strong support from operational areas in the coordination and implementation of research activities, in particular grant applications, project management, research communication, data management, and management of the PhD programme.

Most of the Unit’s researchers are members of one or more of the School’s knowledge centres (KCs), set up to cross-fertilize applied and fundamental research in the critical areas for developing the Unit´s mission. This flexible form distinguishes KCs from the rigidity of traditional closed research groups. In 2018-23, the Economics for Policy, Economics of Education, and Open & User Innovation KCs were added to the previously existing Finance, Leadership for Impact, Health Economics & Management, NOVAFRICA, Environmental Economics, and Data Science KCs. They signal areas of expertise and embody a decisive orientation toward the business community, and public and non-profit institutions, transferring knowledge through academic programmes and executive education, while bringing science closer to the general public, companies, and decision-makers.

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Nova SBE’s Research Unit is a dynamic learning ground for researchers or research associates, as well as Ph.D. candidates from our current Ph.D. programs. 


Nova SBE’s research work is funded by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (UID/ECO/00124/2019, UIDB/00124/2020, UIDP/00124/2020  and Social Sciences DataLab, PINFRA/22209/2016), POR Lisboa and POR Norte (Social Sciences DataLab, PINFRA/22209/2016).

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Nova SBE stands out as a pioneering force in conducting research with impact among the leading European institutions in economics, management and finance. The aim is to produce lasting impact on public policies, markets, business practices, and society in general. See all of Nova SBE's research work here.