Master's Programs

General Criteria

Recognition: Nova SBE reserves the right to admit only applicants from accredited and/or recognized schools in their home countries.

Language: Nova SBE’s official language is English. Thus, it is mandatory for candidates to submit a B2 (Upper Intermediate) English language proficiency proof until the end of the applications period. No Portuguese knowledge is necessary for life on campus.

Age: These programs are Pre-Experience and are aimed at candidates with up to two years of professional experience (the average age of our current cohort of Master’s students is 23-24 years old).

Older candidates that fit the programs' profile, will be considered. For an individual assessment of this eligibility criterion, candidates should directly contact the Admissions Team at

Applications Fall Intake 2024/25

Applications are closed.

For more information, please contact us by emailing, scheduling a meeting (click here) or calling +351 213 801 699.

Specific criteria for the International Master’s in Management (IMM) and the International Master’s in Finance (IMF)

1. Language skills:

Language 1: English language certificate at minimum C1 level (or English mother tongue)
Language 2: Mother tongue or B1 level in any language, if the mother tongue is English
Language 3: Any language certification at A1 level (A1.2 minimum required).

If the candidate has two mother tongues, one must fill out the “Honour Statement for Bilingual Candidates” document that can be downloaded here.

2. Professional experience:

Previous work experience, volunteering work, or internships. Candidates must present proof of at least one of these experiences (minimum duration of eight weeks).

3. Ambition for an international career:

Candidates should demonstrate through their CV and their motivation video (please read “Admission > Documentation > Specific Documents” section) their willingness for an international career with an international company.

As slots are very limited, we recommend candidates apply to the Master’s in Finance/Management as their 2nd option in the application form.

Compulsory Internationalization Requirement

To be completed either through an international internship (outside of Portugal & outside the country of origin. To be completed after the end of the Bachelor’s until the end of the Master’s) or through a study abroad experience during the Master's program.*

* Study abroad experience can be completed through the following options:

  • CEMS MIM Exchange Semester (for students simultaneously enrolled in the CEMS MIM Program)
  • Partner School Master’s (for students simultaneously enrolled in one of the Double Degree Programs)
  • Exchange Semester during the IMM or IMF program outside Portugal and outside the country where the Bachelor’s degree was obtained

Language Requirements

  • Language 1: English C1
  • Language 2: B1 or Mother Tongue
  • Language 3: A2 if English is not the mother tongue

Specific criteria for the CEMS Master’s in International Management (CEMS MIM)

Language skills:

  • Language 1: English C1
  • Language 2:  B1 or Mother Tongue

Language skills:

  • Language 1: English C1
  • Language 2: B1 or Mother Tongue
  • Language 3: Elementary level

International Internship

Students must complete a consecutive 8-week international internship, between the end of their bachelor's and the end of their CEMS MIM program.