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Nova SBE Behavioral Lab


Nova SBE Behavioral Lab has an educational purpose.

We make sure that every time students participate in an experiment in the lab, they learn something new about research methods and about groundbreaking research in management and economics.

We are very proud to make students interested in evidence-based management and policy. If you are a course instructor, and would like to know how our Lab can complement your course content, please contact us.

Our student satisfaction & learning results in 2021:

enjoyed the experience
enjoyed the experience
rated the experience as positive
rated the experience as positive
learned from the experience
learned from the experience
would recommend the experience
would recommend the experience

What we offer

Lab space, equipment, and software for behavioral and computer-based studies

  • 1 classroom with 20 desks and chairs
  • 20 computers (networked)
  • Whiteboard
  • Projector and screen
  • Removable panels
  • 2 ring lights
  • 4 face mirrors (e.g., useful in self-awareness studies)
  • 1 Blue Yeti Microphone
  • Mouse-tracking software

Our subject pool includes 1000+ valuable student volunteers from a variety of Master's and Bachelor's courses. We recruit participants for your study from this pool.

This is a deception-free lab, suitable for experiments in economics.

The Nova SBE Behavioral Lab lab team offers data collection assistance based on researchers’ needs. Moreover, our community of researchers is happy to share their experience, best practices, advice, tips, and resources. At the Nova SBE Behavioral Lab, you will find support from like-minded scientists and students with an interest in experimental methods and behavioral science.