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National Call

The access to the higher education system in Portugal operates under a numerus clausus regime, meaning that for each degree there is a limited number of vacancies. The National Call is managed by DGES (Direção Geral do Ensino Superior) and not by the universities. 

To apply through the National Call, students must hold a High School degree (or legally equivalent) AND have a Portuguese Mathematics A Exam (or an equivalent), with a minimum grade of 9,5. The Mathematics A Exam is valid for two years.

Candidates with a non-Portuguese high school system (e.g., European Union candidates) will have to request an equivalence of their high school degree to the Portuguese 12th grade. In the case of Nova SBE’s bachelor degrees, the candidate will also need the Portuguese Mathematics A Exam (“19 Matemática A”) or an equivalent exam. For more information on equivalent exams, please see the DGES website

If the International Student regulation covers you, you won’t be able to apply through the National Call. In this case, you will need to apply through the special contest for International Students.

Nova SBE Discovery Week (Phase 2)
Welcome 1st-year Bachelor’s Students

Nova SBE Discovery Week (Phase 2)

What does your future look like?

Your Bachelor’s journey kicks off with the Nova SBE Discovery Week, where you will learn everything about the Nova way of life.

October 14: Integration activities on campus (2pm to 7pm)

October 15: Classes  on Campus (9.30am to 1.30pm) and integration activities on campus (2.30pm to 7pm)

October 16: Make up classes on Campus (9.30am to 7pm and 3pm to 7pm)

October 18: Classes on Campus (9.30am to 1.30pm) and make up classes (3pm to 7pm)

Vacancies for the Academic Year 2021/2022


Application Grade:

  • Final high school grade: 50 %
  • Portuguese Mathematics A National Exam (or equivalent): 50 %


  • No applicant will be admitted with a score of less than 95 on the Mathematics A Exam (out of 200);
  • No applicant will be admitted with an overall application average of less than 135 (out of 200);
  • In 2020, 1st phase, the grade of the last placed student was 17,65 (out of 20) for Economics and 18,20 (out of 20) for Management. 

First year enrollment for the 2021/2022 academic year will take place online only during the following dates:

  • Candidates placed in the first phase of the national call: September 27 to October 1.
  • Candidates placed in the second phase of the national call: October 14-18.
  • mandatory: photo (passport size - head shot only)
  • recommended: copy of your ID card – cartão de cidadão (for Portuguese nationals) or a valid passport (for foreign nationals)
  • recommended: copy of proof of tetanus vaccine
  • if applicable: proof of acceptance for SASNOVA Social Support Scholarship

For Portuguese and European Union students, the tuition fees for 2021/2022 will be 697 €/year. It is usually paid in one installments, two installments (September and December, respectively) or, as an alternative, in ten installments. 

An additional 36.5 € fee is required to cover administrative costs and school insurance. This amount should be paid together with the first tuition installment.

The 1st phase of the National Admission Contest offers several special contingents beside the general contingent, with a specific percentage of vacancies for the candidates that fulfill these particular requirements. 

On the 2nd phase of the National Admission Contest, besides the general contingent, there is also a special contingent for candidates with special needs. Such as:

  • Candidates from the Azores;
  • Candidates from Madeira;
  • Portuguese Emigrants and Family Members;
  • Military Candidates in Contract Regime;
  • Candidates with Special Needs.

For more information, please contact DGES.

A – Diplomatic Mission from Portugal
B – Public Employees in an Official Mission Abroad
C – Officials of the Portuguese Armed Forces
D – Applicants that Hold Scholarships from Portuguese-Speaking Countries
E – Accredited Diplomatic Mission in Portugal
F – Professional Sports Players
G – East Timor nationals or their Children

For more information, please contact DGES.

To apply

As a Public University, the application process to the Bachelor's Degrees is managed by the Portuguese Ministry of Higher Education (DGES – Direção Geral do Ensino Superior).  Please contact them directly for more information.