Creditation of Knowledge

Correspondence is granted when the curriculum of the analyzed course covers a significant portion of the curriculum of the course taught at Nova SBE, and the student's academic performance justifies the same grade being awarded at Nova SBE. In this situation, both the grade and ECTS from the original institution are recognized.

To submit the request, the student must fill out the credit transfer application available in the personal area and submit it within one month after enrollment, accompanied by the respective course syllabi.

The application should be submitted to the bachelor’s office after the payment has been validated at the school's treasury, according to the initial fee stated in the fee’s chart.

After the evaluation of the request, the student will be informed by the bachelor's office via email and should visit the office to learn about the evaluation result and make the second payment at the treasury.

To request the application form, please contact the following email address, depending on your study cycle: or

  • Fully completed application form.
  • Transcript of records, including the names of the courses, respective credits, and grades.
  • Photocopies of the course syllabi and workload of the completed courses from the original institution, duly authenticated.
  • The fee charged for the Creditation of Knowledge and Competencies can be found in the current Fee Chart of the UNL (University Nova de Lisboa).

Please ensure that all the required documents are included when submitting your application.