Patient Innovation Bootcamp 2022 - <p>This year, Patient Innovation, in collaboration with EIT Health, and several European institutions, organizes this year the 3<sup>rd</sup> edition of the Patient Innovation Bootcamp, whose first week of work...</p>
DRUID 2023 - <p>Next year, the DRUID Conference will take place in the Nova SBE campus between the 10th and 12<sup>th</sup> of June 2023.</p> <p>DRUID23 will take place next year at Nova SBE between June 10<sup>th</sup> and 12<sup>th</sup>. DRUID...</p>
PI Bootcamp 2023 applications are now open, and the program will kick start on June 27th! - <p>The Patient Innovation (PI) Bootcamp is <strong>an&nbsp;acceleration program&nbsp;aimed at supporting patients, informal caregivers and collaborators to&nbsp;implement and scale up the innovative solutions...</strong></p>
Navigating Digital Health Innovation with Dr. Devin Mann - <p>Dr. Mann leads a hybrid program of research and operational innovation focused on enhancing healthcare delivery using novel technologies. His research combined the disciplines of informatics,...</p>
Lunch For Thoughts with Sword Health - <p>The &quot;Lunch for Thoughts&quot; event &ndash; hosted by <a href=";__tn__=-%5dK-R">Nova SBE Open &amp; User Innovation Knowledge Center</a> and featuring <a href=";__tn__=-%5dK-R">Sword Health</a> &ndash; offered the Nova SBE Master&rsquo;s in Impact...</p>
Exploring DTU's innovation landscape with Dr. Lüscher - <p>Unlock DTU&rsquo;s innovation secrets with Dr. Christopher Lüscher on Dec 7<sup>th</sup>! Learn more about pioneering tech , collaboration and future partnerships.</p> <p>What to Expect:</p> <p>Dr. Christopher Lüscher will...</p>
Unlocking Innovation in Healthcare: The Case of the Patient Innovation - <p>Prof. Pedro Oliveira, Dean of NovaSBE and Scientific Director of the Nova SBE Open &amp; User Innovation Knowledge, will participate in a seminar on &ldquo;<strong>Unlocking Innovation in Healthcare: The Case...</strong></p>
Mikkel Flyverbom Seminar - <p><strong>Mikkel Flyverbom&nbsp;</strong>is a distinguished Professor of Communication and Digital Transformations at&nbsp;<strong>Copenhagen Business School</strong>, where he also serves as the Academic Director of the BSc in Business...</p>
August – November 2024: Patient Innovation Bootcamp 2024 - <p>We are excited to announce that the applications for the Patient Innovation Bootcamp 2024, supported by <a href=";__tn__=-%5dK-R" target="_blank" title="EIT Health">EIT Health</a>, are officially open!!</p> <p>The Patient Innovation Bootcamp is an acceleration program...</p>
22 Apr '24
Seminars | Monday Mikkel Flyverbom Seminar

Mikkel Flyverbom is a distinguished Professor of Communication and Digital Transformations at Copenhagen Business School, where he also serves as the Academic Director of the BSc in Business...

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