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International Master's in Finance

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International Master's in Finance at Nova SBE

The International Master’s in Finance (IMF) is directed to Bachelor students who want to have an international career after their master’s program and ambition a fast career progression in the financial area.

It is a highly selective 3- Semester Master’s Program that provides students with the tools, concepts, and training to succeed in an international context:

  • In Year 1 (first and second semester), students follow the Master’s in Finance Curriculum and benefit from an exclusive and personalized support from a dedicated Nova SBE Career team to prepare their career abroad. Exclusive language Courses in Portuguese and Spanish are also offered.
  • In Year 2 (third Semester), students complete their Master’s Thesis by developing a consulting group project (Field Lab) with an international scope.

The International Master’s in Finance (IMF) includes a compulsory internationalization requirement that can be completed either through an international internship* or through a study abroad experience during the Master's program**.


*International Internship: ​10-week international internship outside of Portugal & outside country of origin. To be completed after end of Bachelor until end of Master. Students may carry out their 10-week internship as follows: 8 weeks at company + 2 weeks off for production of report or through accumulation of 2 or more 4-week international internships.

** Study abroad experience can be completed through the following options: CEMS MIM Exchange Semester (for students simultaneously enrolled in the CEMS MIM Program); Partner School Master’s (for students simultaneously enrolled in one of the Double Degree Programs); Exchange Semester, during the IMF program, outside Portugal and outside the country where the Bachelor’s degree was obtained.


Applications Fall Intake 2022/23

Applications for the Fall intake 2022/2023 are open until 23 May 2022.

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The International Master’s in Finance (IMF) is an exclusive 3* Semester Master’s in Finance:

Year 1:

  • Master’s in Finance Curriculum
  • Exclusive language Course**
  • Exclusive Career accelerating Program provided by a dedicated team from the Nova SBE Career Office

Year 2:

  • International Consulting Group Thesis with full time dedication to the project, under the supervision of a Nova SBE professor.


  • Internship Work Projects (a Work Project developed within the context of an internship, under the supervision of a Nova SBE Professor) are possible within the IMF as soon as they follow strict predefined guidelines. They are subject to the Academic Director approval.

Directed Research individual Work Projects are not possible within the IMF.

* An additional semester may be required in case of International Exchange Semester

**Nova SBE provides exclusive courses to International Master’s in Finance (IMF)’ students in Portuguese and in Spanish to reach B1 level in two semesters. These are intensive courses, taking place twice per week, with mandatory attendance.

Candidates’ fluency in several languages is very much valued by multinational companies. Therefore, we expect the International Master’s in Finance’ (IMF) students to reach the following language levels upon graduation:

  • Language 1: English C1
  • Language 2: B1 or Mother Tongue
  • Language 3: B1 if English is not mother tongue.

To reach these objectives, applicants must meet the following requisites at application:

  • Language 1: English C1
  • Language 2: Any language B1 or Mother Tongue
  • Language 3:  if English is not mother tongue, min A1 level in any language (A2 level is recommended but not a requirement nor a criteria for admission)