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Master’s in Law and Management

Start building a successful career

The Master’s in Law and Management benefits from placement and internship opportunities arising from agreements between NOVA School of Law and both public and private entities such as the Portuguese Competition Authority, the Portuguese Energy Market Regulatory Authority, and GALP, to mention but a few.

Enrolled students may benefit from Career Services workshops, Talent Recruitment and career acceleration initiatives such as Tutoring and Career Development Meetings.


The Master's in Law and Management is unique in its multidisciplinary approach, leading to a deep understanding of the issues faced by corporations. I recommend this master’s program to those who after the completion of their undergraduate training want to be challenged, value rigorous thinking, enjoy close proximity with lecturers and value a practical approach in law training.

Bruna Relvas Moreira


My enrollment in the Master's in Law and Management was successful. The program allowed me not only to improve as a lawyer, but also to become acquainted with Business Management. It was thus instrumental in my choice of a career path: I am a business lawyer operating in the corporate world.

Patrícia Assunção Soares