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Master’s in Law and Management

The Program

Master’s in Law and Management

The Master’s in Law and Management provides training in four of the five areas of Business Management, namely, Finance, Marketing, Strategy and Human Resource Management. The sequence Accounting–Corporate Finance–Corporate Restructuring–Alliance and M&A Strategy forms the backbone of the master’s business management training. In addition, Marketing, Microeconomics, Competition and Regulation, and Negotiation cover other areas that the jurist needs to grasp in order to successfully interact with managers and other decision-makers of large corporations.

Besides the core areas of Mergers and Acquisitions and Corporate Governance, the training in Law encompasses three tracks, which enable specialization:

  • Tax, encompassing courses in Corporate Tax, International Tax Law, and Tax Practice.
  • Financial, focusing in areas such as Financial Instruments Law, Financial Contracts or FinTech.
  • SG Risk Management and Corporate Sustainability, providing training in areas such as Negotiation (terms and conditions), Emerging Technologies: governance and regulation, Business, Human Rights and Sustainability, or Data Protection and Management Law.

Legal English is also offered as an ancillary (semester) course.


Deepen the knowledge of Law in the areas most relevant to the needs of corporate clients. Acquire knowledge of Business Management, namely in what regards Organizations, Marketing, Strategy, Human Resources and Finance.

Acquire personal skills in the areas of leadership and negotiation. Understand firms’ financial information with the ultimate aim of connecting legal concepts with their accounting representation and the managerial issues faced by the modern corporation.

Who is it for?

Young lawyers specializing as business lawyers. Law graduates and graduates from related areas who wish to pursue management or start a business career. Lawyers involved with business issues.