Why choose Nova SBE?

5 reasons for doing your exchange with us

The balance between experience and an ever-curious approach

We combine the expertise of 40 years with a dynamic and disruptive approach to the demands of today’s society and economy, facing the world as a growing global community.

An always dedicated faculty

Professors collaborating at Nova SBE are dedicated to helping every student reach their true potential, both inside and outside the classroom.

International reference

The international reputation of our school, with 40 years of consistent growth, places it today among the Top 30 Business & Economics Schools in Europe and a leader in Portugal.


Accreditation by the three leading institutions worldwide distinguishes Nova SBE for its quality and above all attest to the high-quality level of our students.

Professional opportunities

When entering the job market, take advantage of our partnerships with top recruiters from all over the world.

International Mobility team


For any questions and for more information please contact the International Mobility team by email international.mobility@novasbe.pt or by phone at (+351) 213 801 689.

And then there's Lisbon...

A strategic destination

The City

With two million inhabitants, Lisbon is the center of Portuguese culture, business and politics, and offers the perfect opportunity to study Economics, Finance and Management.

Life in Lisbon is pretty affordable, especially when in comparison with other european capitals. Mediterranean cuisine and sunny days (almost) all year long make it a great place to live in.

Its geographical location represents a priceless advantage. Mild winters and long summers provide the conditions to enjoy the city and make surfing, windsurfing and body boarding possible all year long.

The Location

Considered the gateway to Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and Brazil and also a central capital with easy access to the rest of the world, Lisbon plays an increasingly important role within Europe and worldwide.

Therefore, studying in Lisbon is a great chance for building a personal and professional network, representing the stepping stone to new contacts and opportunities throughout Europe.

The Language

Portuguese is spoken by more than 250 million people in the world, and the business relationships between Portugal, sub-Saharan Africa and Brazil are particularly strong.

Life at nova
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If there are any questions you have concerning Exchange Programs at Nova SBE, please contact our International Mobility Team:

Incoming Mobility Students
Paula Caria & Filipa Verganista

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