A clear horizon

A new chapter began. We found our place, overseeing the ocean.

A good narrative can change the course of the future

Our vision matters to us. So much so that we developed a whole brand around it. A brand to tell our story. A brand to change the world — inspiring people to go further, obtain a deeper knowledge of themselves and of what they can do for one another.

Our brand identity

To grow, to learn, and to become

In Portugal, it’s hard not to feel inspired by the vision of the sun diving softly into the horizon after a full day. We see the horizon as a world of opportunities — for personal discovery and professional growth, for new connections and collaborations; and, of course, to create positive change in the world.

Look and feel

Our true colors shining through

Nova SBE’s main colors — red and blue — are still the focus on our new brand’s image. But we decided to step things up and show a side of ourselves that has been less visible thus far.

To a legacy of rigor and analysis, we added passion and boldness: through illustration, new accent colors, and a new distribution of our elements that can mimic the spacious and inspiring campus.

Are you an illustrator and would you like to see your creations in Nova SBE’s pieces? Contact us; we can collaborate.

Our voice

Straight to the point. Straight to the heart.

Meaningful communication is central to Nova SBE’s brand and to the entire school philosophy. Our goal is to always be relevant and useful, as well as inspiring and challenging. We wish that our inclusive and positive environment be present in every sentence. We encourage conversations that go straight to the point and straight to the heart.

The experience

Reminding the world of what a school is all about

At Nova SBE we want to go back to the roots of what teaching is: to offer students a chance to find themselves and determine their place in this world. We are committed to creating a space where the safety of books meets the courage of the lab: where people can dare to grow, boldly.

Yes, we want to challenge everyone to grow: Nova SBE is the place where every student can become a teacher and every teacher can become a student. That is why we are constantly working on a full, integrated experience to offer our students, faculty, staff, Alumni, and friends. The new campus is the heart of that experience but, thanks to today’s technology, you can take it with you… anywhere you want.

Together, we keep taking one step further

As we inspire people to go further and strive to become a place where every curious mind and resilient soul can grow boldly, our colors shine brighter through the lens of those who recognize our efforts in participating in the positive transformation of our world.

Directly from Nova SBE’s clear horizon to yours, thank you.

Logo da Uprio

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