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Nova SBE has as fundamental values the universal access to its programs and the promotion of social mobility since its financial sustainability, and its high academic standards are part of its DNA.

At Nova SBE, we want to make high-quality education available for those who want to grow boldly and are determined to learn more, do, and be better. Our mission is to attract and nurture bright minds that will transform the future with responsibility and enthusiasm.

We know that investing in your education can be one of your biggest decisions. At our school, you can find different funding options, including scholarships and awards. Some options are possible by allocating Nova SBE funds or through our donor's and alumni's generosity.

Our numbers

available for scholarships in 2023
2 M€
available for scholarships in 2023

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Find out about the scholarships available for Bachelor’s students.

Master’s Programs

Find out about the scholarships available for Master’s students.

Our donors

Our generous donors have been partnering with Nova SBE to create more opportunities and initiatives that allow talented students to meet their full potential and achieve their goals.


Together, we can play a decisive role in building a more open, sustainable, and inclusive world by making high-quality education available.


Join us in contributing to our future leaders’ education, whose achievements will contribute to a more equitable, sustainable, and peaceful world.

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Bachelor’s Scholarships

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