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Nova SBE has been offering a PhD program in Economics since its foundation in 1978, which was widened to include Finance in 2014, and a PhD program in Management since 2017. 

Our PhD programs are designed to provide robust training with coursework in the first two years and research starting in the second year. The coursework equips students with the theoretical and empirical tools necessary to develop independent original research. Students also attend and present in seminars, and participate in interdisciplinary activities, and research projects under the mentorship of Nova SBE faculty members. The program spans four years with clear milestones to track progress and ensure timely completion.

The PhD programs are committed to advancing cutting-edge research in the fields of economics, finance, and management to address societal challenges and drive innovation. Central to our mission is the promotion of talented researchers taking part in faculty research initiatives. With a consistent track record of successful placements, our institution is strongly expanding its international visibility.

Meet our PhD students

Meet our PhD students and read about their research and their projects.

PhD in Economics and Finance
PhD in Management

PhD Research Fellowships


Our school offers competitive funding for 4 years to students accepted to our programs via the Nova SBE Research Fellowships.


Funding opportunities

How to apply


Our intake takes place once a year, check our page for the requirements and further details.




Our PhD students are placed in competitive international research institutions, as well as to fill top positions in companies, financial institutions, and governmental organizations.



PhD in Economics and Finance

PhD in Economics and Finance

Our students are familiar with the state-of-the-art of both theoretical and empirical tools in Economics and Finance. The first 2 years of this 4 year-program will be dedicated to the completion of our courses. After that stage, graduates will be fully prepared to embark on their research journey.

PhD in Management

PhD in Management

Upon acceptance into the PhD program, students will work with their thesis’ supervisors who accompany the research process and development.

The first year is occupied with coursework, while the last three years are dedicated to research. Students are also expected to regularly attend the Nova SBE research seminars.

Foto de Graduação de Doutoramento da Nova SBE

Photo from the PhD Celebration of Graduates