Get Involved

Nova SBE is part of who you are. You can give back and pay forward with your knowledge, experience, time and generosity to actively contribute to a better and sustainable future. 

There are a wide range of ways you can contribute and support to the growth and development of  your school.

Be a Mentor

This year we have eight Mentoring Programs for our Alumni to contribute and make a difference in several stages of the life of other people and organizations.

Besides the possibility of supporting our students during the transition from school to the job market, Nova SBE now offers several Mentoring Programs for different communities and challenges, like tutoring middle and high school students, start-ups, social organizations and underrepresented communities. Our Alumni, as mentors, can have an active role and a significant impact. The Mentoring Programs are leveraged on partnerships with institutions, knowledge centres, student clubs and the Municipality of Cascais.

Be a Speaker

Share your industry expertise, your lessons learned, your challenges and motivations. Alumni sharing sessions are a great platform for students to gather knowledge from the experiences of those who came before them. There are various opportunities to be a speaker at our school – Graduation ceremony speeches, Discovery Week inspirational or industry talks, lectures in the academic curricula or share your insights in our student club's events.

Be an Ambassador

The Alumni Ambassador program welcomes all Nova SBE graduates to give back by representing the school, and actively contributing to expand and engage our Alumni network. Our ambassadors are voluntary representatives of a class or a city bridging the gap between the school and the Alumni everywhere. As an ambassador, you'll have the opportunity to deepen your connections with the school, broaden your network, achieve personal goals, enhance your professional skills and extend your experience. Meet our ambassadors and learn how you can join.


Your donation to Nova SBE can take many forms. You can watch students gain access to higher education and broader opportunities or see your investment at work in innovative programs and institutes, expand and equip the school's campus, or contribute to the development of ground-breaking research fields and studies.

Contributions are tax-deductible.

Big or small, every gift is appreciated and makes a difference. Pay it forward – invest in the new generations.