Any questions? Check our FAQ section for information on the most common issues. If you need further guidance, contact us: life@novasbe.pt

Lisbon and Carcavelos offer two different lifestyles - it depends on what you would like your experience to be! Look into our housing partnerships to find a solution that suits you. Consider that one of the main differences between these points is commuting – if you would like to avoid longer travel, it might be more suitable for you to find a place closest to the campus.

If you choose to stay in Lisbon and commute to campus every day, we recommend that you search for housing in areas closest to the Cascais train line (Cais do Sodré, Santos, Alcântara, Belém). Check our mobility page [Mobility - Life at Nova SBE | Nova SBE (unl.pt)] to find out more about how you can get to campus.

The Social Welfare Services of NOVA University Lisbon has subsidized rooms for Nova SBE students in the Campolide and Lumiar residences (Lisbon). For availability, please get in touch with SAS NOVA at alojamento@unl.pt. For more information, please check www.sas.unl.pt/en/accommodation. Students with scholarships will have priority in accessing these rooms.

EU citizens can use the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), which they should apply for in their home country. The EHIC will allow you to have the same access as a Portuguese citizen whenever you need to access the Portuguese National Health System. If you wish, you can also have private insurance (not mandatory).

Yes. Visa applications demand that you have health insurance, which needs to cover the whole time of your stay in Portugal. We highly recommend that you have health insurance from your home country with international coverage.

Given that your Nova SBE student card is issued by Santander bank, one of the school's partners, you may also want to open a bank account in the Carcavelos Campus branch (Santander money Club) upon your arrival.

Students who wish to have a NIF need to schedule an appointment at the Finance Office (Finanças). The appointment can only be made by a Portuguese representative through the e-portal of the Finance Office. The representative can be anyone who has an account on the before-mentioned portal. In case you do not know anyone, you might consider asking your landlord to schedule the appointment for you.

Yes, if they are under/or 23 years old. Drop by the Academic Services at the Student Central to get your certificate.

Students with disabilities that intend to apply to the National Contest for Access and Admission to Higher Education can do so through the special contingent for candidates with physical and sensory disabilities. To do so, higher education institutions provide 4 % of the vacancies during the contest's first phase and 2 % in the second.

A person with a disability is someone who, due to loss or anomaly, congenital or acquired, of bodily functions or structures, including psychological functions, presents specific difficulties likely to, alongside their surroundings, limit or hinder their activity and participation on equal terms with other people. (in https://www.dges.gov.pt/pt/pagina/contingente-especial-para-candidatos-com-deficiencia?plid=1752)

You can find all the information about the special contingent applications for candidates with physical and sensory disabilities here.

There is the possibility of applying for scholarships that cover tuition fees. These scholarships can cover the tuition fee and apply to students with a disability equal to or higher than 60 %, which must be certified through medical reports or a multipurpose certificate. Visit this page to see what you can do to apply.