Bachelor's in Economics

Frequently Asked Questions

For Portuguese and EU students, you can calculate your admission grade according to the following formula: National Mathematics A Exam or approved equivalent (worth 50 %) + Final High School grade (worth the remaining 50 %). The minimum admission grade is 13.5.

You can find information about the application process for international students here.

Bachelor in Economics: 17,65/20 | Bachelor in Management: 18,20/20.

For Portuguese and European Union students, the tuition fees for 2020/2021 will be 697 €/year. They are usually paid in two installments until September and December, respectively; or, as an alternative, in ten installments. An additional 36.5 € fee is required to cover administrative costs and school insurance. This amount should be paid together with the first tuition installment.

First year enrollments for the 1st phase of the 2020/2021 academic year will take place from September 28 until October 2.

  • 1 Picture;
  • 1 copy of your ID card (signed) | 1 copy of your fiscal card (international students);
  • Updated Vaccination record (with the tetanus vaccine).

No. You should wait for the decision and pay the tuition fee after receiving the scholarship. Nevertheless, you will have to present proof of your application to the SAS scholarship.

No. The 1st year is common to the bachelor’s degree in Economics and the bachelor’s degree in Management. At the end of the 1st year, Nova SBE students have the right to change their degree.  

Yes, if you want to guarantee your vacancy at Nova SBE and through the payment of the 1st installment of the tuition fee. But you should apply again to another university on the 2nd Phase.

Yes. The 2nd phase of the applications will take place from September 28 until October 9 . For more information, please see the DGES calendar.

No. Nova SBE doesn’t offer this possibility. 

The canceling of your enrolment has to be communicated to Nova SBE exclusively by email ( until the 5th weekday of the enrolment week (Friday), so that it is possible to report the remaining vacancies for the 2nd phase. If you don’t communicate your intention to cancel your enrolment, you will have to pay the annual tuition fee.

By the end of the 1st year, students can request to change courses. This change is guaranteed for Nova SBE students and has a cost of 70 €.

Yes. During the 2nd year students can choose, as electives, subjects from the other undergraduate program.

During the 1st year you can choose one of the following options:

  • All classes taught in English;
  • All classes taught in Portuguese;
  • Algebra and Calculus classes taught in Portuguese and the remaining taught in English.

Please bear in mind that all classes starting from the 2nd year onwards are taught in English.

During the 1st year, students will do an English assessment test so that their abilities can improve even further if needed. This test is free of charge. Alternatively, they can present an official English certificate.

Nova SBE has a daytime schedule, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. The timetable for 1st-year students is assigned by Nova SBE, and there are no classes on Friday. During the following years, you can change classes and subjects and customize your schedule.

No, that isn’t possible.

At Nova SBE, you can find a whole new world to discover and enjoy! If you are interested in obtaining information about the campus, accommodation, and transports, you can see the available information on our website.