Social Equity Initiative

Social Leapfrog Program

Current Editions

In October 2023, the fourth edition of the Social Leapfrog was launched with 10 pre-selected Organizations participating in the diagnosis phase:

Aajude; Abraço; APPACDM Porto; Terra dos Sonhos; Clube Intercultural Europeu; Conselho Português para os Refugiados; Fundação CEBI; Liga para a Protecção da Natureza; Nuclio; Wave by Wave.




  • Foundation: 1982 
  • Headquarters: Matosinhos 
  • Social problem/mission: To welcome young people with mild to moderate mental disabilities, providing them with not only a family environment but also all the means that enable them to develop their capabilities and, above all, to have the happiness that they undeniably deserve as full citizens. 
  • Site: 


  • Foundation: 1992 
  • Headquarters: Lisboa 
  • Social problem/mission: To promote the improvement of well-being and quality of life of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and contribute to the eradication of HIV/AIDS. 
  • Site:    


  • Foundation: 2000 
  • Headquarters: Porto 
  • Social problem/mission: To support and empower people with intellectual disabilities or incapacities to achieve a better quality of life. 
  • Site:  

Terra dos Sonhos 

  • Foundation: 2007 
  • Headquarters: Lisboa 
  • Social problem/mission: To continuously promote the well-being of children, youth, and adults who find themselves in a vulnerable situation through close and integrated support. 
  • Site:  

Clube Intercultural Europeu

  • Foundation: 1998 
  • Headquarters: Lisboa 
  • Social problem/mission: To create and enhance opportunities that allow for the development of conditions for full citizenship in the different contexts where the Organization intervenes, through formal and non-formal education practices aimed at the empowerment and capacity-building of individuals and intervention areas. 
  • Site:  

Conselho Português para os Refugiados

  • Foundation: 1991 
  • Headquarters: Lisboa 
  • Social problem/mission: To defend and promote the right to asylum in Portugal in accordance with International Law, through direct and free support, through the initial and transitional reception of international protection applicants, through advocacy, and through information, awareness, and training actions. 
  • Site:   

Fundação CEBI 

  • Foundation: 1968 
  • Headquarters: Alverca do Ribatejo 
  • Social problem/mission: To support the effective development of the community, especially its most vulnerable groups, through the best service practices aimed at improving their quality of life. 
  • Site:  

Liga para a Proteção da Natureza

  • Foundation: 1948 
  • Headquarters: Lisboa  
  • Social problem/mission: To contribute to the conservation of nature and to the defense of the environment, from the perspective of sustainable development, ensuring the quality of life for present and future generations. 
  • Site:  


  • Foundation: 2001 
  • Headquarters: São Domingos de Rana 
  • Social problem/mission: To promote a better world, in all its facets and without borders, through education. Focus on holistic education, which combines psychology, technology, science, the environment, and all other disciplines in a harmonious way, which enhances human growth and the development of skills. 
  • Site:  

Wave by Wave 

  • Foundation: 2017 
  • Headquarters: Cascais  
  • Social problem/mission: To implement and develop an innovative intervention model in mental health through an integrated approach that uses the sea and surfing as therapeutic mediators, with a special focus on at-risk children and youth, positioning itself as a humanitarian platform for social justice. 
  • Site:  


In March 2022, the third edition of the Social Leapfrog program began with ten social organizations pre-selected in the diagnosis stage. These were Academia Ten, AMUT, APPDA, ATNP, Cadin, CDI Portugal, CJSJ, Comunidade de Vida e Paz, Prevenir. The organization that did not move forward was Vitamimos.





Academia Ten

  • Foundation: 2014
  • Location: Lisbon
  • Social problem: to fight the mindset that the growth potential, learning and success of students is limited.
  • Website:


  • Foundation: 2011
  • Location: Gondomar
  • Social problem: economic difficulties in accessing the various medical and therapeutic responses and complementary means of diagnosis on the market, linked to the social and cultural apedeutism around the ways of taking care of health.
  • Website:


  • Foundation: 1930
  • Location: Porto
  • Social problem: goal of intervene in 3 social problems: access to quality education, capacitation of young unemployed young adults, environmental sustainability.
  • Website:


  • Foundation: 2003
  • Location: Cascais
  • Social problem: Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • Website:

CDI Portugal


  • Foundation: 1915
  • Location: Guimarães
  • Social problem: the reception and social inclusion of children and young adults in danger, without essential family support or at risk of social exclusion.  
  • Website:

Comunidade de Vida e Paz

  • Foundation: 1989
  • Location: Lisbon
  • Social problem: to withdraw people in homeless situation from streets and help them in their therapeutic recovery process and social reinsertion.
  • Website:



  • Foundation: 1917
  • Location: Lisbon
  • Social problem: the inclusion of people with autism in society and how to improve their quality of life.
  • Website: