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Suppose it is true that learning and development within companies is a critical topic. In that case, it is also true that there must be an external and impartial perspective that enriches, streamlines this process, and points to future paths. 

Our value proposition is based precisely on the ability to offer our own learning & development solutions. These solutions combine the deep internal knowledge of companies with our external, updated, and impartial vision, bringing a perfect balance between endogenous knowledge and best global practices. 

NOVA SBE Voice Leadership Initiative

Discover our NOVA SBE Voice Leadership Initiative. This is our commitment to the country's economic development.



Flexible solutions in time and space

Parceria e Co-criação

Partnerships and Co-creation

With the company in program design

Transparência e conhecimento

Transparency and Knowledge

For a practical reality

Experiência e Proximidade

Experience of Proximity

Of various business sectors

Visão Externa

External view

Benchmarking and Exempt Perspectives



Adapted to your challenges

Our solutions

If you are looking to make a significant and transformative impact on your company, a 100% customized program can help you achieve these goals. 

We work alongside companies to co-create solutions fully adapted to their needs, characteristics, and availability, integrating all necessary elements to create the desired change. 

Furthermore, we are pioneers in developing methodologies that act in practical transfer to the real world, maximizing investment and adding value. 

We integrate your teams into our open enrollment programs, promoting enrichment through sharing experiences with professionals from other sectors and contexts. 

Do you want a group of employees to attend a specific program from our portfolio? If the number of employees you want to involve in training is sufficient, this is the most effective and efficient solution. Starting from an existing program in our portfolio, it is adapted and scheduled according to individual availability and delivered only to the company's employees. 

We offer hourly packages that allow organizations total flexibility in using our programs as their needs evolve, with reductions in the average cost per hour of training. The management of the distribution of hours is the company's responsibility, allowing for more agile and effective solutions for its training plans. 

ADVANCED PACK 900 40.000€ 15-30 Postgraduate, Advanced, Intensive, Online, and Free Learner Programs
STANDART PACK 500 25.000€ 6-15 Postgraduates, Advanced, Intensive, Online, and Free Learner Programs
BASE PACK 150 10.000€ 5 Advanced, Intensive, Online (except online Postgraduate program), and Free Learner Programs

Get to know our business brands

SingularityU Portugal

SingularityU Portugal is an innovation and education platform that prepares individuals and organizations to address the most pressing global challenges using exponential technologies. 

Focusing on transformation and positive impact, we propose a journey through disruptive learning in which the frontiers of knowledge are continually expanded. Through unique programs and experiences, we foster the ability to innovate, adapt, and lead in rapidly changing environments. We are the link between a vibrant community of visionary thinkers, business leaders, and innovators committed to creating a better future. 

We work alongside you to define your Massive Transformation Purpose (MTP), prepare for unpredictable changes, and develop exponential thinking through specific tools and frameworks to lead in the world of tomorrow. We help you better understand the future direction of technology, its social and economic implications, and the opportunities for positive impact on a global scale. 

Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem

The Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem (IECO) is a dynamic innovation ecosystem where collaboration, co-creation, and creativity converge to drive a positive transformation. 

It is an interdisciplinary creative playground focused on igniting innovation capable of transforming the future and positively impacting everyone. 

In this ecosystem, a community of companies, startups, NGOs, public entities, researchers, and students come together to explore innovative solutions to the most pressing social, environmental, and economic challenges. 

With access to an extensive network of knowledge and resources, IECO develops innovation methodologies and tools, encourages entrepreneurship, supports applied research and strategic dialogue, stimulates the creation of value, and strengthens competitiveness on the global stage. 

Through integrated initiatives, acceleration programs, and strategic partnerships, the Nova SBE Innovation Ecosystem is a catalyst for innovation, preparing leaders and organizations to lead at the forefront of innovation. 

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