Companies, faculty, and students — together

Collaborations between companies and students can take many shapes, and Nova SBE has a team fully committed to listen to your needs and help you find the perfect solution.

With an array of collaboration opportunities, from on and off-campus events to online activities or work projects, we will make sure we provide you an activity that perfectly fits your requests.

Project-Based Learning (PBL)

We are looking for companies that want to work on a real challenge/project together with our master’s students. By taking part in Project-Based Learning, students, partners, faculty, and the school discover new ways and opportunities for themselves!

If you want to be close to the new generation of talents, you can contact

Have priority in the events we organize, on and off campus

We hold two career fairs every year. Our goal is to promote a closer interaction between companies and students, giving them an exclusive opportunity to get to know the job market and better understand each company’s business culture.

We offer activities both on-campus (company presentations, business challenges, networking opportunities) and off-campus (company visits, online presentations, on-site activities such as job shadowing, breakfasts with CEOs, etc.).

We promote study trips to different companies worldwide. Students can visit your company, interact with varied managers and departments, and experience how different careers would be.

Careers @ Nova SBE

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