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Journey to Empowerment

The Journey to Empowerment is the set of initiatives that emerged from the Inclusion LABs as a response to the challenges identified regarding Education.

It aims to enable a better transition of people with disabilities to an active life by preparing educational institutions for greater inclusion, specifically, by empowering their teachers for richer learning experiences; reducing the distance the companies are positioned from the training that is given; and endowing students with disabilities with training and experiences that meet their main needs.


Find out more about ICF's projects in the field of education:

The Initiatives

The project "Learning While Teaching" aims to empower teachers to prepare their students with disabilities for an active life by implementing active learning methodologies in the classroom context.

Through the sessions' development and during the natural course of a class, special education technicians provide support and strategies to teachers in the points where they say they have a greater difficulty concerning certain students, making the teachers increasingly autonomous in empowering their students. 

The "ComPIT" project aims to promote vocational experiences under the Individual Transition Plan (PIT). Through the development and use of the platform, it aims to connect companies interested in receiving students for PIT internships and PIT students interested in having professional experience in these companies.

The platform intends to make an automatic match between the company and the student. To do this, both companies and schools enroll on the platform and detail what positions are open and the profiles of the PIT students.

Thus, by completing these internships in companies, young people are exposed to different and demanding realities, resulting in training that is more aligned with what the labor market demands.

Visit ComPIT's LinkedIn page to follow the project evolution and to enroll in the platform, in case you are a company willing to receive PIT students for internships, or a school with PIT students looking for internships.

The "Empower to Employ" project was created to develop the social skills of people with disabilities. This project consists of two complementary pieces of training in social skills aimed at peers – people with disabilities and IPSS technicians who accompany them. 

The first training is carried out through Accenture's Platform "+Competências," which guarantees the essential foundations for social skills. 

In turn, the "Vencer no Mundo do Trabalho" training consists of three face-to-face sessions facilitated by employees of Millennium BCP, in which the basic topics are deepened.

These training sessions help young people to develop the skills needed for an active life.

The project "Empowering in Higher Education" aims to train higher education professors to teach students with disabilities, thus encouraging students with disabilities to attend higher education.

This project is based on two strands. On the one hand, the preparation of guidelines to support teachers. And, on the other, organizing clarification sessions at the beginning of each semester increasingly improving the preparation of professors to teach all their students.