Bachelor's in Portuguese and Business

Bachelor's in Portuguese and Business

A unique learning experience to put your drive to the test.

Have you ever thought about what the future holds?

This bachelor’s might just help you with that.

With this joint program from Nova SBE and NOVA FCSH, you will gather the knowledge and the skillset to guide your learning journey and expand your professional horizons. You will be part of an international community eager to learn and develop together and be the pioneer of a new a whole new area of expertise.

What will you be discovering?
The program

What will you be discovering?

This program enables students to use business education as a vehicle to further their knowledge of the Portuguese language while fully immersed in one of Europe’s most captivating capitals and the exciting atmosphere of a top-ranked international business school.

Bachelor's in Portuguese and Business
A unique learning experience

Bachelor's in Portuguese and Business

The Bachelor's in Portuguese and Business is a joint program of Nova School of Business & Economics and Nova School of Social Sciences and Humanities. It combines the academic excellence and the renowned faculty of both schools and offers a unique opportunity to deepen the knowledge in Business and Portuguese Studies.

Would you like to learn more about the Nova SBE experience?

Explore the list of events we have to offer high school students so that they can discover our bachelor degrees, the Nova SBE community, and the Carcavelos Campus: Summer School (in English), Open Days (in Portuguese), Futuros Líderes (in Portuguese) and high school visits (Portuguese or English).

International students, behold

Discover all that awaits you in sunny Portugal and find out how you can thrive in one of the leading Business Schools in Europe.

Come and meet your new destination

Come and meet your new destination

Find out all about how your life will be at Nova SBE.

For our future

Preparing citizens for the future

Our solid academic training is meaningful through the commitment to the development of students who are aware of their impact and potential as the professionals, leaders, and citizens of tomorrow.

International goals

We equip students to cross borders and find their place; to take their world beyond. Our internationalization strategy includes teaching in English, promoting exchange programs with external universities and internships in foreign companies.

Responsibility and integration

Nova SBE knows the importance of strengthening social responsibility and ties among students. That’s why we have several personal development programs which, on the one hand, promote student’s social responsibility and, on the other, help them network with our community.

Personal and professional development

We focus on improving students’ analytical, communication, negotiation, and teamwork capabilities, supporting them in obtaining internships or entering the job market.


Nova SBE in partnership with various national and international entities assigns annually awards and scholarships to the best students. The delivery of the awards is usually held at the bachelors graduation ceremony.

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