Bachelor in Portuguese and Business

The program

Have you ever thought of what the future holds?

Portuguese-speaking countries are gaining increasing interest from global investors. Some of these countries are among the fastest growing economies in the world, while others possess strategically critical positions. As a result, there is a growing demand for global companies to hire Portuguese-speaking graduates as well as to learn more about Portuguese speaking economies.

Currently, the Portuguese and Business bachelor’s degree is open to international students who are not Portuguese native speakers and have at least two years of Portuguese Language studies at a university level. This program enables students to use business education as a vehicle to further their knowledge of Portuguese while fully immersed in one of Europe’s most captivating capitals and the exciting atmosphere of a top-ranked international business school.

FALL Enrollment for Compliant Students June 26-29
FALL Enrollment for Non – Compliant Students July 9-12
Add/Drop Period (S1) Compliant Students July 30-31
Add/Drop Period (S1) all Students August 1-3

1st year

FALL - Regular Classes September 13-December 7
SPRING - Regular Classes February 4–May 8


2nd & 3rd year

FALL - Regular Classes September 3–November 30
SPRING - Regular Classes February 4–May 8