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According to the latest updates from the Portuguese Government regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic, as of October 1, the state of alert is no longer prolonged, and the protective measures have been lifted (except in special places and situations, such as healthcare centers).

Therefore, isolation is no longer mandatory in case of a positive result. Free antigen tests will no longer be prescribed through the public health system hotline and can only be prescribed by a doctor at a health center/clinic/hospital.

In case of worsening or persisting symptoms and the need for absence from academic evaluation activities, medical help should be requested through local healthcare centers, the SNS24 hotline, or in case of an emergency, call 112.

Here’s everything you need to know.

If students are sick and have to miss specific evaluation moments, they should fill out one of the followings forms so that the Special Requests team can provide proper support (medical proof is mandatory):

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