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By joining our community, you will be choosing a school of reference that will play a major role in your life - both on a professional and personal level. Get to know the programs that Nova SBE has to offer.

Bachelor’s degrees

Management or Economics, that is the question.

To those who say “one day I will pursue my dreams”, we answer: the time is now. Take your first step towards success with us.

Whether you’re aspiring to become a successful entrepreneur or a professional who can have a clear holistic vision of how Economy works, Nova SBE’s offer is the right one for you.

Master’s degrees

Expand your knowledge

We aspire to nurture the dreams and grow the talent of our students.

That is what makes us one of the most prestigious schools in the areas of Economics, Finance, and Management.

Executive Master’s

Illuminate your path. Your future starts here.

Take the step that will ignite your career. Choose to learn more and better at Nova SBE, leading the way for change in your organization. Our Executive Master’s are tailor-made to your needs as a professional, flexible, and adaptable to your busy schedule. Get your Master’s diploma now!

Postgraduate Program

Embark on a journey towards knowledge

We want to be by your side so that, together, we can overcome the obstacles along the way. Discover the solutions portfolio we created, and that was specially adapted to the current challenges. With postgraduate degrees in the most diverse areas of knowledge, because success is not a destination, it is a journey.


Living in Lisbon & Cascais: a life-changing experience

There’s the ocean, there’s the sun, and there’s a whole new world of learning experiences waiting for you at Nova SBE. Studying here is a lifetime opportunity to meet inspiring people and to learn from them. Change your life at Nova SBE so that, together, we can change the world.

Executive Education

Keep learning

We’re committed to providing updated and useful tools to approach an ever-changing global community. If you are a professional who wishes to broaden their knowledge in one of the 7 key areas we cover, take a look at our short-term courses.


Research as a premium tool to change the world

At Nova SBE, we view research as the essence of our mission to make a difference. As such, our Ph.D.’s students are at the center of our ambition.

The work that our faculty develops with students is ambitious and enriching so that the best opportunities in prestigious international institutions come naturally.

The Lisbon MBA

Two joint forces to create the best MBA

Imagine two inspiring and prestige academic institutions coming together to create the most powerful program in Portugal.

It’s real and it’s here: welcome to the Lisbon MBA.

Find out more about the program, faculty, and what our students have to say.


Mafalda Rebordão,
BSc Economics ’15


João Pina Monteiro, BSc Economics ’17