Executive Master's

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Take another step forward in your professional path. Choose to learn more and better with Nova SBE, leading the way for change in your organization. In just one academic year, deepen your knowledge and be the pioneer of the change you want to see in the world.

Our Executive Master's:

  • Are spread over 12 months in part-time and after-work hours, compatible with professional activity;
  • Include support from several corporate partners and monitoring of the final work by a renowned mentor in the national market;
  • Have a final project in blended format (combination of online and face-to-face sessions) applied to authentic business challenges.

Browse our list of Executive Master's and be inspired to lead change.

Executive Master’s (Advanced) in Management

Executive Master’s (Advanced) in Management

Develop future-oriented management skills to promote the sustainable development of organizations and society.

Acquire a more integrated approach that promotes sustainable development, strengthening existing skills, and expanding others, such as the construction and analysis of future scenarios, articulation of external variables, ability to lead ethically, and the ability to make choices that create value for organizations and its collaborators.

Executive Master’s in Finance & Financial Markets

Executive Master’s in Finance & Financial Markets

Understand or deepen the main concepts, techniques, and instruments of finance.

Provide motivated and high-potential students with advanced training that is strongly applied in the areas of corporate finance and financial markets, with the quality that only Nova SBE can guarantee.

Executive Master's in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Executive Master's in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovate the creation of new products and services.

More than designing new products, an entrepreneur must be able to develop business models, leaving their mark on society. Become a leader capable of questioning, discovering, and creating.

Executive Master's in Leadership

Executive Master's in Leadership

Develop talent that ensures leadership lines able to solve challenges in organizations.

Did you know that human capital is often the key factor for the sustainability of a business? Learn to attract, develop and retain talent for the organization to grow, creating lasting leadership that supports people's development. Start making the change in your organization now.

Executive Master's in Marketing & Strategy

Executive Master's in Marketing & Strategy

Think about value creation through strategy and marketing, creating competitive advantages based on innovation and digitization.

In an increasingly diversified market, Strategy and Marketing must be seen as drivers of change, essential to create value in organizations. Deepen your knowledge in this area, change the "rules of the game", and use them in favor of the organization.

Do you want to learn more before applying?

To better support the decision-making process of choosing an Executive Master's Program at Nova SBE, we have dedicated events where participants can learn more about the school, its advanced programs, and its renowned faculty members.

  • Open Days
    With our Open Days' webinars, you will discover the main key take-aways and meet the Scientific Coordinator of each Executive Master's.
  • Career Advisory
    We provide free career counseling sessions to help in your decision process. So make sure you schedule a meeting with us.
  • Other events
The seashore experience
Beyond learning

The seashore experience

Taking an Executive Master's is a free pass to discover new skills and gain knowledge. But it is also an opportunity to deep dive into the Portuguese lifestyle — we are proud to include sunny weather, rich gastronomy, and friendly people as part of our programs. We’ll make sure you have a chance to experience it, by putting together events such as sailing trips, dinner parties or cultural tours.


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