Nova SBE Organizes International Day
Promoted by Nova | 23 October 2018 Nova SBE Organizes International Day

Nova School of Business & Economics will have, next October 25th, an international day dedicated not only to all Portuguese students who want to spend one or more semesters abroad but also to the international students that the school welcomes, giving them the space and the time to talk about the schools they come from and also their home countries.

The day starts at 01:00 p.m., at the Jerónimo Martins Grand Auditorium, with a presentation by professor John Huffstot, in which he will talk about the application process to study abroad and the mobility programs that the school has.

After the presentation, around 02:30 p.m., at the Main Deck, there will be a fair in which 32 international students from 28 schools will present not only their home countries but also show some of their home countries’ historic, cultural, and food artifacts for the Nova SBE community.

So, if you ever thought about studying abroad, this is your chance to learn more, get to know other schools and other countries, and meet students who are going through that experience right now!

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