The Leadership and Well-being Observatory Launches an Important Research Report About Technostress
Research | 07 April 2022 The Leadership and Well-being Observatory Launches an Important Research Report About Technostress

Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE), through the Leadership and Well-being Observatory, has just launched a critical report that reaffirms the negative influence of technologies and the overload that it has on professional performance, something that the World Health Organization (WHO) globally recognizes as one of the biggest challenges to the health and well-being of individuals and organizations.

The Leadership and Well-being Observatory, a research project from the Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center, a Nova SBE Knowledge Center, has just launched the report Technostress, uso da tecnologia e bem-estar no contexto de trabalho [Technostress, the use of technology and well-being in a professional context], a study based on the empirical evidence that elaborates on the stress caused by the inability to adapt and the misuse of technology.

Authored by Filipa Castanheira, Pedro Neves, and Inês Dias da Silva, the report dwells on of the most pressing mental well-being issues nowadays – technostress, i. e. the stress resulting from the misuse of technology and how it progressively blurs the boundaries of the professional, family, and work life. Results show a large number of professionals who admit feeling invaded by technology, 47 % confirming the need to adapt their working habits to keep up with the digital evolution, and 52 % agreeing that the professional sphere invades their personal lives due to the use of mobile technology.

The report presents important reflections on this technological dependency and how it can affect the quality of organizations' human resources and serve as a vital tool to inform leaders and stakeholders and help create a positive change in the work environment.

The Leadership & Well-being Observatory is a research project of the Nova SBE Leadership for Impact Knowledge Center and is under the academic supervision of Professors Filipa Castanheira and Pedro Neves. It aims to carry out research on leadership, management change, burnout, flexible work solutions, and other topics regarding individuals' and organizations' well-being.

You can find and read the full report here (in Portuguese) and learn more about the observatory here.

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