Nova SBE Student Club Wins Prestigious Junior Consulting Award
Awards | 17 April 2020 Nova SBE Student Club Wins Prestigious Junior Consulting Award

Nova Junior Consulting, a student club from Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) dedicated to providing strategic consulting services, was awarded for the first time with an Excellence Award. The winning category was the “Most Impactful Project,” and it distinguished the work the club developed for the Nova SBE Social Leapfrog program.

In a ceremony, which took place in Brussels, from February 26 and March 1, Nova Junior Consulting won for the first time in its history and with its first application this promising accolade. The category for which it won is entitled “Most Impactful Project” and consists of recognizing the most impactful project, in Europe, for the client, the company members, and society.

The project for which it won is Nova SBE Social Leapfrog. This initiative derives from a partnership with BPI and the “la Caixa Foundation” and aims to contribute to the transformation of the social sector in Portugal in the long run. The Nova SBE Social Leapfrog Program is a unique 3-year capacitation program, targeting ten hybrid social organizations, and helping them to “leap” in terms of impact and sustainability, involving Nova SBE’s community (students, alumni, faculty, staff, and partners).

Nova Junior Consulting was one of the most involved members having developed the initial diagnosis of each organization (by interviewing several of the organizations’ stakeholders), conducting focus groups, and carrying out financial and strategic rigorous analysis. The student club also drafted recommendations for a strategic individual two and a half year plan so that the organizations could, by the end of this period, improve the pain points highlighted in the initial diagnosis and become more dynamic, inclusive, and impactful.

Nova Junior Consulting is one of Nova SBE student clubs, known for mobilizing towards professional objectives, common interests, or innovative ideas. Student clubs are created to reinforce teamwork and provide experiences aside from those acquired in the classroom and this is definitely one that will leave a mark on their professional future.

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