Faculty members of Nova SBE among the top 2% most cited researchers worldwide
Research | 27 October 2023 Faculty members of Nova SBE among the top 2% most cited researchers worldwide

Nova SBE researchers again joined the restricted list of most cited worldwide for the third consecutive year. 

Professors Pedro Pita Barros, Pedro Neves, Miguel Ferreira, Miguel Pina e Cunha, and Graham Miller   are part of this year's edition of the "World's Top 2% Scientists Ranking", annually conducted by Stanford University, based on data from Scopus - the reference database of article abstracts and citations for newspapers and other academic publications, Stanford University's ranking covered about 19,500 titles from more than 5,000 international publishers.  

The update includes two different categories: career and final year (2022), and Professor Miguel Pina e Cunha is mentioned in both categories of the ranking. 

The list highlights the 2% of the world's most cited researchers in 22 scientific fields and 174 sub-fields, taking into account the influence and impact of academic research. This list includes 78 Universidade NOVA de Lisboa researchers and four of them are from Nova SBE.

The career list includes 47 Universidade NOVA de Lisboa researchers from practically all schools, consolidating last year's growth tendency when there were 44 Nova researchers on this list. 

At the national level, NOVA's listed group represents 8.2% of the 572 researchers.  

In the category highlighting citations from the previous year (2022), NOVA has 63 researchers listed compared to 61 the year before. This group represents 8% of the national total of 791 outstanding researchers.   

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