Afonso Câmara Leme
Afonso Câmara Leme
PhD Student
Economics of Education Knowledge Center

Afonso Câmara Leme is a PhD student in Economics at Nova SBE. He will be on the 2022/23 Job Market. He is primarily interested in the fields of economics of education, labor economics, and policy evaluation. His research has used both administrative and large-scale assessment program data to analyze the impact of different educational systems and policies, through natural experiments. His teaching experience has included the courses of Public Economics and Statistics at the Undergraduate Program, as well as grading the MSc courses of Health Economics and Business Economics at Nova SBE.

2015 - Masters in Economics - University of Barcelona

2013 - Bachelor in Economics - ISEG, University of Lisbon

Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Policy Evaluation, Applied Microeconomics

Ana Balcão Reis (Ph.D.), Luís Catela Nunes (Ph.D.)