Executive Master’s (Advanced) in Management

Executive Master’s (Advanced) in Management at Nova SBE

Acquire management skills to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Acquire a more integrated approach that promotes sustainable development, strengthening existing skills, and expanding others, such as the construction and analysis of future scenarios, articulation of external variables, ability to lead ethically, and the ability to make choices that create value for organizations and its collaborators.

Applications intake 2024/2025

Start your application now for the next academic year.

Broaden your horizons by investing in lifelong learning to light your path with executive master's.

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What are you going to explore?
The program

What are you going to explore?

This program will strengthen your existing skills and add new ones, highlighting the construction and analysis of future scenarios and articulating external variables.

We make sure that nothing gets in your way
Fees & Funding

We make sure that nothing gets in your way

Financial restrictions should never come in the way of your access to higher education, and that’s why we believe in providing equal opportunities for everyone. 

Get to know the opportunities to study and meet new realities outside the country
Study abroad

Get to know the opportunities to study and meet new realities outside the country

Find out about the general eligibility criteria for joining the Executive Master's and the documentation needed to move forward with your application process.

Apply for a scholarship to study in Brazil or find out how you can get to know the market and the American continent better while attending one of our executive master's programs.

Excellence and connection to the business world

Collaboration between companies and students can take many forms and Nova SBE is a living lab in which students have privileged access to the business world through our business partners, which can test and improve their solutions in this ecosystem.

We have a set of initiatives and collaboration opportunities, ranging from events on and off campus, to online activities, participation in social projects or even work projects. Through these experiences, students must find the project that best matches their challenges, enriching their experience during the school year.

Meet our partners:

Want to know more before applying?

To support your decision-making process to choose the ideal executive master's program, we have created several dedicated initiatives where participants can learn more about the school, advanced programs, meet the faculty, and receive support in choosing the right path for their professional challenges. Make the most of these initiatives and dare to expand your horizons with the solutions we have to offer.

  • Executive Master’s Talks
    Online events in which anyone who wants to take the next step in their career and learn everything about Nova SBE's executive master’s can participate.
  • Open Days
    Face-to-face events open to all interested people and candidates for executive master's degrees. They include a visit to the campus and participation in activities to present the curriculum and the respective faculty.
  • Career Counseling
    We organize free career counseling sessions to help with the decision process. Schedule a meeting with us now.
  • Other events