Executive Master's in Leadership

The program

Executive Master's in Leadership

Official degree title: Master’s in Leadership - Executive

Organizations change as they grow and develop. Sometimes, this change is planned and caused by internal forces, but events and outside influences can also provoke it.

The need for organizations to understand and deal with these changes, constantly following them and adapting requires an innovation culture, (re)definition of strategy capabilities, negotiation, alignment, and mobilization of the whole. These capacities are fundamentally stimulated by leadership.


The Executive Master's in Leadership intends to contribute to the development of organizations through their talents, to create lines of lasting leadership that strengthen management and people development. In all organizations, human capital is strategic per se, being one of the key sustainability factors of the business. This Master's will focus on developing leadership relationships suited for different challenges in the organizations, including the challenges of attracting, developing, and retaining talent through motivating practices.


Participant's Profile

  • Team and/or business area managers.
  • Professionals from different functional areas with or without leadership roles.
  • Entrepreneurs who want to improve their leadership skills.

1st Semester
Comprises a set of mandatory curricular units that are specific to the management area and a set of elective curricular units that allow students to deepen their knowledge in chosen areas of management.

2nd Semester
Dedicated to the development of the final work (work project), consisting of a practical application project.


  • From Fundamentals to Strategy Leadership – 4 ECTS
  • Learning Organizations and People Management – 4 ECTS
  • Change, Stress and Conflict Management – 4 ECTS
  • Team Management, Alignment and Culture – 4 ECTS
  • Growth Strategy and Business Model Innovation – 3 ECTS
  • Applied Management Research and Methodologies – 3 ECTS
  • Lead for Sustainable Transformation: Diversity & Inclusion – 2 ECTS

Set of introductory courses that aim to address the basic principles of management. – 10 ECTS

The students will be able to choose the ones that best suit their needs, there are a recommended set of optional curricular units for the program within the annual offer for the executive master's degree.

The executive master's aims to expose students to innovative trends in the areas of the program, preparing them to deal with the important challenges that companies face today. The work project is intended to prepare students for research activities applied to business reality, whether of a qualitative or quantitative nature, in close collaboration with the supervisor.

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