Study abroad

We live in a global world, so it is also our responsibility to ensure that our students have the opportunity to discover new countries, new ways of living, studying, and working. Choose the program that best serves your goals.

Partnership with Fundação Dom Cabral

The partnership with Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC), in Brazil, facilitates the exchange of students and exchange of experiences. FDC is an institution of high quality and academic excellence, being well positioned in the main rankings (9th place in the Financial Times ranking in 2022). Every year, our students will be given the opportunity to attend Professional Master's in Administration (MPA) courses at the Foundation, enjoying not only quality teaching and contact with complementary perspectives to those found in their programmes, but also the possibility of broadening its network of contacts across borders. These networking opportunities are further enhanced by receiving some Foundation students in Executive Master’s courses. The number of vacancies in the disciplines is limited and the selection of participants will be made in order of registration, through the form disclosed to students via institutional email. There is no cost to enroll in FDC course units. Any travel and accommodation expenses (in the case of face-to-face UCs) will be taken by the students.

International Week

A unique development opportunity, which aims to facilitate networking and closer contact with the reality in other geographies of strategic interest. In 2023/24, this week will be in Silicon Valley, USA, and includes networking moments and visits to different organizations and prominent in universities. The participation this week is not included in the tuition fee for the executive master’s and all expenses must be the responsibility of the students.