Executive Master’s (Advanced) in Management

The program

Executive Master’s (Advanced) in Management

Official degree title: Master’s in Management – Advanced Executive

The market shows an appetite for developing solutions that address a skillset for the future and not just vertical or functional abilities. The complexity of the present context - the result of globalization and hyper-connectivity-, increasingly requires a systemic view. Zooming out is necessary, gaining a broader perspective, which must map the multiplicity of variables involved in every option, their power of propagation, and their impact in other contexts. These are core competencies that executives need to sharpen these days and have historically been overlooked in traditional management programs.

This executive master's course addresses knowledge related to the strategic vision of the future and leadership of organizations to empower students in a more polyvalent approach. This program will strengthen your existing skills and add new ones, highlighting the construction and analysis of future scenarios and articulating external variables. You will expand on your ability to lead ethically and in an environment of contradictory obligations and develop the ability to make choices that create value for organizations and their employees.


Participant's Profile

  • Managers looking to improve their academic training and boost their business skills.
  • Administrators and Board Members.
  • CEOs and Directors of Public Administration.

1st Semester
Comprises a set of mandatory curricular units specific to the management area and a set of elective curricular units that the student must choose.

2nd Semester
Dedicated to the development of the final work (work project), consisting of a practical application project.

  • Strategy and Business Model Innovation – 4 ECTS
  • Intra-entrepreneurship & Transformation – 4 ECTS
  • Strategic Leadership – 4 ECTS
  • Corporate Governance – 3 ECTS
  • Sustainability & Ethics – 3 ECTS
  • Business Analytics – 2 ECTS

The students will be able to choose the ones that best suit their needs, there are a recommended set of optional curricular units for the program within the annual offer for the executive master's degree. – 10 ECTS

The executive master's aims to expose students to innovative trends in the areas of the program, preparing them to deal with the important challenges that companies face today. The work project is intended to prepare students for research activities applied to business reality, whether of a qualitative or quantitative nature, in close collaboration with the supervisor.

Want to know more before applying?

Want to know more before applying?

We know that taking this important step in your career can raise some questions. For this reason, there are several initiatives, such as online and face-to-face events, to find out everything about the fundamental takeaways of each executive master's degree, as well as the distinguished faculty that will accompany you during your program. Make the most of these initiatives and dare to expand your horizons with the solutions we have to offer.