Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Lead in Innovation

The era of AI demands leader's adept at steering and sculpting its future integration. Nova SBE Executive Education introduces the AI Portfolio aims to empower a new set of leaders to master AI complexities and unlock transformative organizational growth, developed together with diverse and renowned partners.

Value Proposition


AI Fundamentals & Strategy

Build a solid base in AI, focusing on its strategic role in business and governance.


Operational Integration

Learn to seamlessly integrate AI into daily operations, boosting decision-making and efficiency.


Ethical & Regulatory Insight

Navigate the ethical dilemmas and regulations shaping AI use.


Lead in Innovation

Navigate the ethical dilemmas and regulations shaping AI use.

Learning Journey


Top Management

The AI 10 Questions for Strategic Decision-making
Maximizing Business Impact with AI


Middle Management

Managing with AI.
AI for Marketing Excellence.
Gen AI: Innovation Sprint.
AI for HR and Talent Management.


All Team Leaders

AI Toolbox


Policy Makers

AI for Policy Makers

Open Programs

For You

- Understand AI's impact on business and society.​

- Lead AI initiatives for strategic innovation.

- Gain practical AI tool experience.​

- Build valuable networks with leaders and experts.


For Your Organization

- Transform leaders into AI innovation champions.

- Create a culture ready for AI adoption.

- Improve efficiency and generate new value with AI.​

- Ensure ethical AI use and regulatory compliance.

Our solutions

Discover our portfolio

Embark  on  a  journey  to  master  AI-driven  decision-making  and  change  management  with  our comprehensive  program  designed  for  C-level  leaders.  This  intensive  exploration  covers everything from understanding AI's impact on business models and strategies to navigating the complex  landscape  of  digital  technology  and  social  responsibility  rules  and  regulations.  Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to lead your organization through transformative changes with confidence and foresight.

Explore how AI is reshaping the competitive landscape in this concise program designed for C-level executives. Understand the strategic potential of AI to drive innovation, efficiency, and growth within your organization. Learn through targeted case studies and gain actionable insights to implement effective AI strategies that align with your business goals, keeping you ahead in the fast-evolving world of technology.

Transform your management style and elevate your team’s productivity with our practical course on integrating AI into your workflows. Tailored for middle managers, this program demystifies AI tools and technologies, providing you with actionable insights to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency. Discover how to leverage AI for competitive advantage and become a champion of innovation within your organization. Understand the ethical and sustainability dimensions of Responsible AI.

Discover how AI can enable organizations to build efficiency across all HR functions and enable talent to fulfil its potential. In this program you will explore different cases using AI in the context of HR and Talent Management, including recruitment, succession, performance appraisal and learning & development. Explore the implications for your people management practices, and how AI can enable HR professionals to work as business partners. You will also understand the importance of Responsible AI to tackle challenges related to equity and inclusion.

Unlock the potential of AI for your team with this foundational program on AI tools and their applications. Ideal for organizational teams across all sectors, participants will learn about the latest AI technologies that can streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and drive innovation. This course provides a solid starting point for teams eager to embrace AI, ensuring ethical and effective use of AI tools in the workplace.

Tailored for the political class, this program unpacks AI's societal and governance impacts. Master the art of ethical, policy, and regulatory navigation in the AI sphere. Equip yourself with the knowledge to craft policies that balance innovation with safeguarding citizens' rights and privacy in the digital era.

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