Sandra Brito Pereira
Sandra Brito Pereira
Assistant Professor (Adjunct)
Management and Organizations

Sandra Brito Pereira studied in the UK, Cambridge (primary school) and in Lisbon and California (Palos Verdes) at secondary school. She has studied Law at Lisbon University (Faculdade de Direito de Lisboa) and worked for several years as a corporate lawyer in some large law firms in the city of Lisbon. She has also concluded studies in EC Law in Portugal and Italy, concluded an MBA and her Master’s Thesis in Business at Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon. She worked in the Government for some years as chief of staff of the Finance Minister and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. She was a Board Member at Invesfer, the company responsible for the development of the real estate infrastructure of the Portuguese public railway company and at Carris (Public Transportation Tram and Bus Company) with several management responsibilities such as Real Estate Developer, Human Resources Development, Strategy and Organizational Development and International Relations Director. She has always simultaneously developed work as a consultant in the corporate management, social and human resources field and pursued an academic career teaching various subjects in the law and business areas. She has been at University of Hertfordshire in the UK for a doctoral program in Organisational Change and Organizational Psychology and recently at Columbia University with a Fulbright Scholarship as a Visitor Scholar. She has concluded her Phd in Organizational Psychology in 2014 and is currently Head of Knowledge at Jerónimo Martins.

2014 - PhD in Organizational Psychology, Hertfordshire University, UK, Columbia University, USA and ISPA, Lisbon

2001 - Master ´s degree in Business Management, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

1999 - MBA - Master ´s in Business and Administration, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

1991 - Bsc. in Law - Faculdade de Direito de Lisboa

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