Rodrigo Belo
Rodrigo Belo
Professor (Adjunct)

Rodrigo Belo is Visiting Professor at Nova SBE and Associate Professor atRotterdam School of Management of the Erasmus University.

Rodrigo's research focuses on how digital technologies mediateinteractions among economic agents. His research interests include howdigitization and AI technologies are changing how individuals interact andinfluence each other (e.g., in media consumption, online dating, andtechnology-mediated learning), and on the implications for firms, theirindustries, and society at large. His work has been published in top journalsin the field such as Management Science, Marketing Science, and MIS Quarterly.Rodrigo has led and collaborated in multiple projects with established firmsand startups in the online and telecommunications sectors. His engagementsinclude the design and deployment of large-scale real world randomizedexperiments to assess the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and to optimizeonline user engagement.

Rodrigo holds a PhD in Technological Change and Entrepreneurship fromCarnegie Mellon University, an MSc in Engineering and Public Policy fromCarnegie Mellon University, and a BSc in Computer Science and Engineering fromInstituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon. Before joining the academiaRodrigo worked as a software engineer and analyst in the transportation andgovernment sectors.

2012 – Carnegie Mellon University – PhD. Technology Management andEntrepreneurship

2011 – Carnegie Mellon Universitty – MSc. Engineering and Public Policy

2002 – Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade deLisboa – BSc. Computer Science and Engineering (5-year degree)

- Digital Transformation and IA - Social Media and Digital Platforms - Technology and Education

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