Peer2Peer Program Highly Commended by the Financial Times
Promoted by Nova | 09 February 2023 Peer2Peer Program Highly Commended by the Financial Times

Peer2Peer, an Inclusive Community Forum (ICF) preparation program for the job market, based on a one-to-one dynamic between a university student and a person with a disability looking for work, was mentioned by the Financial Times as one of the currently student-led projects with more social impact.

The renowned Financial Times highlighted several initiatives worldwide that are making a difference sustainability-wise, and the ICF’s Peer2Peer program is mentioned in the article as a highly commended and praised initiative due to the social impact it creates.

The article thus emphasizes several projects that are contributing to a more just and sustainable world not through the hands of experienced professionals but through university students, some of whom haven’t even graduated.

The Peer2Peer program began as an ICF pilot project that was developed as part of the Employability topic aimed at Nova SBE students and people with disabilities who wanted to prepare to apply for the job market. Ever since, Peer2Peer was delivered to Nova SBE students, namely the Master’s in Management student Francisco Lamy, who has put this program into practice in collaboration with the Careers @ Nova SBE team.

In  2022, Peer2Peer started its expansion process in other universities  – NOVA School of Law, NOVA Medical School and Faculdade de Psicologia da Universidade de Lisboa, thus reaching more students and people with disabilities.

In 2023, Luísa Azancot, Nova SBE student, and Miguel Leal, Católica-Lisbon student, took on the role of national coordinators to continue to expand Peer2Peer in Portugal, also reaching Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto.

The ICF is a Nova School of Business & Economics (Nova SBE) initiative dedicated to the life of people with disabilities that aims to promote a more inclusive community.

Learn more about this project and read the complete Financial Times article here.

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